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ArtNr. Artist340

Drury Lane Theatre Orchestra

Artists: Drury Lane Theatre Orchestra


ArtNr. Artist339

Drinkell David
Conductor of the Choir of Belfast Cathedral
Artists: Drinkell David


ArtNr. Artist338

Dragon Carmen and the Capitol Symphony Orchestra

Artists: Dragon Carmen and the Capitol Symphony Orchestra


ArtNr. Artist337

Dove Alfred

Artists: Dove Alfred


ArtNr. Artist336

Douglas Johnny and His Orchestra

Artists: Douglas Johnny and His Orchestra


ArtNr. Artist335

Dorian Charles and His Orchestra

Artists: Dorian Charles and His Orchestra


ArtNr. Artist334

Dolukhanova Zara

Artists: Dolukhanova Zara


ArtNr. Artist333

Doll Susanne
Susanne M. Th. Doll studied under Hedwig Bilgram (organ and harpsichord), under Harald Genzmer (composition), under Fritz Schieri (choral conducting), under Diethard Hellmann (orchestral conducting), and under Aldo Schoen (piano)
Artists: Doll Susanne


ArtNr. Artist332

Dolenc Brigitte
Brigitte Dolenc, born in Salzburg, began her musical studies at the age of 12 at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. She studied under Professor Kurt Neumüller, himself a pupil of Elly
Artists: Dolenc Brigitte


ArtNr. Artist331

Doe Doris

Artists: Doe Doris


ArtNr. Artist330

Dodd Pat

Artists: Dodd Pat


ArtNr. Artist329

Doçi Admir
Admir Doçi was born 1982 in Tirana (Albania). Following studies at the Liceo d‘Arte Tirana he earned his teaching and master concert diplomas cum laude at the Zurich University of
Artists: Doci Admir


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