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Friedrich Wolf Matthias
Wolf Matthias Friedrich studied singing at the Hochschule für Musik Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy in Leipzig. In 1980 he was a prize-winner at the International Dvorák-Competition in Karlovy Vary, from 1982 to 1986
Artists: Friedrich Wolf Matthias


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Finck Herman and His Orchestra

Artists: Finck Herman and His Orchestra


ArtNr. Artist1968

Friisholm Lavard

Artists: Friisholm Lavard


ArtNr. Artist1967

Fjelstad Oivin

Artists: Fjelstad Oivin


ArtNr. Artist1927

Frutiger Martin
Martin Frutiger was born in Bern in 1977. During his school days he studied with Professor Hans Elhorst at the Bern University of the Arts. He continued his oboe studies
Artists: Frutiger Martin


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Freedman Michael

Artists: Freedman Michael


ArtNr. Artist1894

Frith Michael
Michael Frith has enjoyed a long and fruitful career as organist, having performed on many of the world’s finest organs, and leading a parallel career as an academic at Middlesex
Artists: Frith Michael


ArtNr. Artist1886

Freeman Stan

Artists: Freeman Stan


ArtNr. Artist1864

Frind Anni

Artists: Artist_Composer|Artist|F


ArtNr. Artist1834

Franks Gordon and His Orchestra

Artists: Franks Gordon and His Orchestra


ArtNr. Artist1796

Ferrante and Teicher with their Orchestra

Artists: Ferrante and Teicher with their Orchestra


ArtNr. Artist1783

Fistoulari Anatole

Artists: Fistoulari Anatole


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