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Toscanini Arturo - Conductor

Biography of Toscanini Arturo:

During his long and proli?c concert-giving career, Arturo Toscanini became, in the phrase of a later generation, the ?rst transcontinental superstar of conducting. He himself would not have appreciated the phrase, nor did he actively seek international ‘stardom’ as is sometimes applied to conductors, but there can be little doubt that with those concerts, broadcasts and recordings, his more than 60-year career – which came to an end with his retirement in 1954 – saw him established in Europe, South America and the United States as the most famous and certainly one of the greatest – if not, in many people’s estimation, the greatest conductor of them all.
Toscanini’s career had begun in the late 1880s, and a perusal of his concert programmes would lead one to imagine that, if asked to name those composers with whom – judging by the number of times he programmed their work – he would seem to have possessed the greatest empathy, the names of Beethoven and Brahms stand out more than those of any others; in the opera house, it was Verdi, Wagner and Puccini again who appear to have been most favoured by him.
Indeed, of those five composers, only one – Beethoven – had died before Toscanini was born in 1867; of the others, the conductor knew Verdi and Puccini personally, and he was 16 when Wagner died, 30 when Brahms passed away, although he never met either. They are all different composers, of course, but they share a common characteristic of great seriousness of utterance, although undoubtedly music can be found within their output where the lighter emotions come to the fore.

CD's with Toscanini Arturo
TOSCANINI - Schubert, Strauss, Haydn, Bach - 1939

ArtNr. GHCD 2202

TOSCANINI - Mozart Concert & Rehearsal - 1946

ArtNr. GHCD 2232/33

TOSCANINI - All-American Concerts 1942 & 1944

ArtNr. GHCD 2256/57

TOSCANINI - Bellini - Verdi - Boito - 1945

ArtNr. GHCD 2263

TOSCANINI - Brahms - Requiem - 1943

ArtNr. GHCD 2290

TOSCANINI - Grieg - Sibelius - Franck - Ravel - 1940

ArtNr. GHCD 2298/99

TOSCANINI - Boito Memorial - La Scala 1948

ArtNr. GHCD 2307/08

Arturo Toscanini ? All Brahms ? 1935/36

ArtNr. GHCD 2337/38

Schumann Symphonies - Toscanini, Walter - 1940 & 1946

ArtNr. GHCD 2362

Toscanini - Gala Concert 1945

ArtNr. GHCD 2368

Toscanini - Christmas Day & Farewell Concerts

ArtNr. GHCD 2369/70

Toscanini - Memorial Tribute 1938-1954

ArtNr. GHCD 2364/65

Toscanini conducts various Orchestras 1929-1952

ArtNr. GHCD 2384/85

Arturo Toscanini - Respighi, The Roman Trilogy 1949-1953

ArtNr. GHCD 2429

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