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Coe Tony - Clarinet, Saxophones

Biography of Coe Tony:

Tony Coe began his performing career playing with Humphrey Lyttelton's band and in 1965 Count Basie offered him a place in the Basie Band sax section. He has since played with the John Dankworth Orchestra , Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Band, Derek Bailey's Company, Stan Tracey, Mike Gibbs, Stan Getz, Dizzy Gilespie, Bob Brookmeyer and performed under Pierre Boulez as well as leading a series of groups of his own including Coe Oxley & Co. He has also worked with Matrix, a small ensemble formed by clarinettist Alan Hacker, with a wide-ranging repertoire of early, classical and contemporary music. Coe's extensive experience in recording is heard on such films as Superman II and Victor Victoria, and he is the featured tenor sax solist in Hanry Mancini's music for the Pink Panther films. Tony Coe is one of the most remarkable and brilliant musicians in the world. Humphrey Lyttelton If my life depended on a jazz ballad, I think I'd ask Tony Coe to play it. Richard Williams in The Independent Coe is a player of astonishing versatility and brilliance. Ian Carr Jazz: The Essential Companion An immensely gifted composer he has written many pieces for his own groups, Matrix, the Danish Radio Big Band, Metropole Orchestra and Skymasters in Holland. In 1975 a grant from the Arts Council enabled him to write Zeitgeist, an extended, large scale orchestral work fusing jazz and rock elements with techniques from European Art Music. His scores for film include Mer de Chine, Camomile and the silent film Peau de Pêche. The dedication of the work to Alban Berg's music grew from a brilliantly fertile imagination controlled by a beautifully planned and articulated structure. Zeitgeist possesses precisely these admirable qualities. Richard Rodney Bennett Among the awards he has received are an honorary D Mus, the prestigious Danish Jazzpar Prize 1995 (the first non-American to receive this prize) and the 1997 BT British Jazz Clarinet Award. Coe is generally considered to be the finest and most original living clarinettist in jazz, and one of the most individual stylists on tenor sax. Ian Carr Jazz: The Essential Companion Tony Coe plays clarinets by Frank Hammerschmidt (Burgau, Germany)

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