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Guild enjoys a world-wide reputation for quality, in seeking young gifted musicians, in premiere recordings of unjustly neglected music, in superb modern sound. Guild's vast catalogue includes ground-breaking recordings by Swiss composers and artists - yet standard repertoire is also included, with many outstanding issues of established masterpieces receiving universal praise. 


Care and attention distinguishes the award-winning Guild Historicals, including incomparable commercial recordings of the past, many previously unissued, alongside broadcasts by great 20th-century musicians, complete operas by legendary casts, recitals - all long unavailable but lovingly restored by excellent modern technology. Guild Historical is a comprehensive brand leader. 


Guild Light Music is another world-wide label, restoring the cream of the vast light music repertoire of yesteryear - original recordings by the composers or by artists associated with them. The originals have been outstandingly transferred, enhancing their unique qualities to ensure this music is fast reaching today's new audiences.


Guild's Jazz-and-World Music has been hugely successful in removing cultural boundaries, enabling music-lovers across the world to experience music from the widest ethnic backgrounds.


Click on the image below to read Guild's Advertisement Feature published in the 2017 Awards edition of Gramophone magazine (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

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