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Bushkin Joe and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Caflisch Ursina - Organ
Caiola Al and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Caira Stephen - Singer
Callender's Senior Band - Orchestra
Calvert Eddie - Trumpet
Calvi Gérard and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Camarata - Conductor
Camarata and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Camarata Tutti and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Cambridge University Chamber Choir - Choir
Camerata Zürich - Orchestra
Campbell Bruce and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Campbell Colin - Bariton
Campbell James - Clarinet
Campbell Jennifer - Harp, Clarsach
Campoli Alfredo and His Marimba Tango Orchestra - Orchestra
Campoli Alfredo and his Novelty Orchestra - Orchestra
Campoli Alfredo and His Salon Orchestra - Orchestra
Cantell Frank - Leader
Cantelli Guido - Conductor
Cantus Firmus Surselva - Choir
Canzonetta - Choir
Capella Nova - Choir
Capelli Roberto - Conductor
Carle Frankie and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Carmichael Ralph and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Carroll David and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Carste Hans and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Casadesus Robert - Piano
casalQUARTETT Zurich - Quartet
Case Russ and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Cassadó Gaspar - Cello
Castagna Bruna - Singer
Castellucci Louis - Conductor
Cates George and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Cavaciuti Paul - Drums
Cavallaro Carmen - Piano
CBS Radio Orchestra - Orchestra
Cechova Jitka - Piano
Cehanovsky George - Singer
Celebrity Symphony Orchestra - Orchestra
Central Band of the Royal Air Force - Orchestra
Cesana Otto and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Chacksfield Frank and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Chacksfield Frank and His Orchestra and Chorus - Orchestra
Chadwick Roderick - Piano
Chaite Arturo and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Chaliapin Feodor - Singer
Challet Pierre and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Chalmers Nicholas - Organ (b. 1977)
Chamberlain Ronnie - Soprano Saxophone
Chandler Carl and His Orchestra
Chandler Carl Orchestra - Orchestra
Chapelle Corinne - Violin
Chapter House Choir York - Choir
Charbay Leslie - Singer
Chauncey Sir - Conductor
Chauvigny Robert and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Cherkassky Shura - Piano
Chevallier Christian and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Orchestra
Chien Pi-Chin - Cello
Chilingirian Levon - Violin
Chilingirian Quartet - Quartet
Chochrane Peggy - Piano
Choeur Elisabeth Brasseur - Choir
Choir of the Academia de Musica de Mineria - Choir
Chorus & Orchestra Dreieck - Choir & Orchestra
Chorus & Orchestra of the Glyndebourne Festival - Orchestra & Choir
Chorus & Orchestra of the Metropolitan Opera - Orchestra & Choir
Chorus & Orchestra of the Royal Opera - Orchestra & Choir
Chorus & Orchestra of the San Francisco Opera - Orchestra & Choir
Chorus & Symphony of the USSR State - Orchestra & Choir
Chorus of the Vienna State Opera - Choir
Christodoulou Efi - Violin
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra - Orchestra
Cine Musica of London - Orchestra
Clapton Nicholas - Countertenor
Clare College Chapel Choir - Choir
Clark Patricia - Saxophone
Clebanoff and his Orchestra - Orchestra
Clebanoff Strings - Orchestra
Clebanoff Strings and Percussion - Orchestra
Cleber Jos and His Cosmopolitan Orchestra - Orchestra
Clegg John and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Clemens Hans - Singer
Clifford Hubert - Conductor
Clifford Winston - Drums
Clifton-Welker Fiona - Harp
Cluytens André - Conductor
Coates Eric - Conductor
Coates Eric and His Concert Orchestra - Orchestra
Coates Eric and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Coates Eric and Symphony Orchestra - Orchestra
Coburn Alex - Guitar, Banjo
Coe Tony - Clarinet, Saxophones
Cohen Harriet - Piano
Cole Jo - Cello
Coleman William - Bariton
Coles Jack - Conductor
Collegium Musicum Zürich - Orchestra
Colliard Gilles - Violin, Conductor
Collins Anthony - Conductor
Collins Bill - Background Vocals
Collins Harold and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Collins Michael and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Collins Walter - Conductor
Collinson Francis - Conductor
Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra - Orchestra
Columbia Light Symphony Orchestra - Orchestra
Commodore Grand Orchestra - Orchestra
Concert Orchestra - Orchestera
Concertgebouw Orchestra - Orchestra
Conductors Various - Conductor
Conley Eugene - Singer
Connaught Light Orchestra - Orchestra
Conner Nadine - Singer
Conniff Ray and his Orchestra and Chorus - Orchestra
Continental Novelty Orchestra - Orchestra
Continental Theatre Orchestra - Orchestra
Conway Chris - Piano, Keyboards, Electric 9-String Guitar, Voice, Sampled Bass, Tin Whistle
Conway Russ - Piano
Cook Eric - Conductor
Cooley Carlton - Viola
Cooley Thomas - Tenor
Copenhagen Symphony Orchestra - Orchestra
Corbett Heather - Percussions
Cordell Frank and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Cordon Norman - Singer
Coro Cervantes - Choir
Corosio Margherita - Singer
Cosmopolitan Orchestra - Orchestera
Costa Don and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Cotner Carl and His Orchestra - Orchestera
Cotton Billy and His Band - Orchestra
Coupe Albert - Trumpet
Court Symphony Orchestra - Orchestra
Cousin Martin - Piano
Coventry Hippodrome Orchestra - Orchestra
Covington Warren - Trombone
Crawford Light Orchestra - Orchestra
Crayford Helen - Piano
Crean Richard - Conductor
Crean Richard and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Cross Milton - Commentator
Crossland Nicholas - Cello
Croton Peter - Lute, Guitars, Vocals
Cugat Xavier - Conductor
Cugat Xavier and His Orchestra - Orchestra
Culp James - Organ
Curror Ian - Director
Curzon Frederic - Conductor
Cusuamo Robert - Trumpet
CWS (Manchester) Band - Orchestra
Czerwenka Oskar - Singer
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