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General terms and conditions of business and payment of Guild Music Limited

When you press the "checkout" button, a secure site will be opened (https:) to fill in your data as well as the credit card details on the next page. The order will be submitted by pressing the "process order" button. Our shop is using cookies to protect your data.
The prices quoted are net prices exclusive of packaging and postage. Depending on the country of destination VAT (MwSt) and/or packaging and postage will be added. The VAT (MwSt) will be charged at the rate of 20% for all EC-Countries and 8% for Switzerland. Total prices do not include tax and customs dues for overseas customers. The Tax Region you reside in should be chosen in the Order form.
Shipping/Mailing costs
Shipping/Mailing cost will be calculated after giving in your address and is dependent on the weight of the CD as well as the country where CDs are destined to. You will see a subtotal (including shipping costs), on the page payment selection. CDs are shipped from England.

Payment Method
Please note that credit card payments will be deducted in sterling. We can accept Visa & MasterCard as well as PayPal. If you do not have credit card facilities please contact us.
The dollar price quoted is based on the current exchange rate. The prices shown may be subject to fluctuations either way if you are paying by credit card. The sterling price quoted is the constant price.
Method of Shipment
Please allow 28 days for delivery. Your order will be sent out usually within a week by Airmail from our warehouse in England, or if it is out of stock, we will contact you.

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