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GMCD7826 Beethoven
GMCD7825 Ravel - Le Langage des Fleurs (piano music)
GMCD7824 Calin Huma - Symphony-Concerto/Symphony No.1 'Carpatica'
GMCD7820 Alena Walentin, flute - Music by Vitali, Taktakishvili, Amirov, Schulhoff, Bowen
GMCD7819 Up Toward the Sky - American songs for soprano
GMCD7817 Mozart
GMCD7816 Cesar Franck - Organ Works
GMCD7815 A Grand Chorus - The Organ of Westminster Abbey
GMCD7804 Maurice Durufle - The Organ Music
GMCD 7812 Have Yourself a Merry Cello Christmas
GMCD 7811 Scenes from West Side Story
GMCD 7810 ELEGY - Music for Cor Anglais, Vol.2
GMCD 7807 20th Century Organ Masterworks
GMCD 7806 Funiculus Triplex - Rediscovered 'Style Galant' for Chamber and Church
GMCD 7802 Guilmant, Vierne, Gigout
GMCD 7801 David M. Patrick plays The Organ Of Coventry Cathedral
GMCD 7427 Mysterium Montis
GMCD 7426/27 Mysterium Montis
GMCD 7424/25_INT Zurich Sounds
GMCD 7424/25 Z?rich Klingt
GMCD 7423 Music by Robert Matthew-Walker
GMCD 7422 With Lance and Lute - Music of the Swiss Guardsmen in France
GMCD 7421 Fritz Brun - Symphony No. 8, Othmar Schoeck - Three Songs (orch. Brun)
GMCD 7420 Fritz Brun - Cello Concerto, Choral Works, Five Songs
GMCD 7419 Sonata Ebraica - Music for Viola and Piano
GMCD 7418 Platero y yo - Music for Guitar by Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Mersson, Moreno Torroba
GMCD 7417 Into the Stars - Fairhaven Singers
GMCD 7416 Fritz Brun - Symphony No. 2 & Symphonic Prologue
GMCD 7415 Music for the University Zurich
GMCD 7414 Connections - Music for Viola & Piano
GMCD 7413 Sound of Zurich - Praxedis & Praxedis
GMCD 7412 Schumann & Mendelssohn: Symphonies No. 4
GMCD 7411 Fritz Brun - Symphony No. 4 & Rhapsody for Orchestra
GMCD 7410 Danza, Danza - Laurie Altman and Anders Miolin
GMCD 7409 Fritz Brun - Piano Concerto, Divertimento and Variations
GMCD 7408 Saint-Sa?ns - Piano Trios No. 1 & 2
GMCD 7407/2 R?tti - Symphony 'The Visions of Niklaus von Fl?e', Diethelm - The Last Works for String Orchestra
GMCD 7405/06 Piano Sonatas by Beethoven, Schnyder von Wartensee and Liste
GMCD 7403 Orchestral Masterworks from Switzerland
GMCD 7402 Works by Carl Rütti for Piano and Harp
GMCD 7401 Tango Organtino - Organ Music played by Martin Heini
GMCD 7400 Volkmar Andreae - Symphony, Songs, Concertino
GMCD 7399 Works for Cor Anglais
GMCD 7398 Memorias - Guitar Music played by Admir Doçi
GMCD 7397 Dances and Laments by Peter Fribbins
GMCD 7396 Piano Trios by Beethoven - Vol. 2
GMCD 7395 Fritz Brun - Symphony No. 1 & Overture to a Jubilee Celebration
GMCD 7394 Volkmar Andreae - Piano & Violin Concertos
GMCD 7393 Ivr d'amour - Songs by Jules Massenet
GMCD 7392 Piano Trios by Mendelssohn & Cotter Nixon
GMCD 7391 Le Piano Français - Virtuoso Piano Concertos
GMCD 7390 Pipe Dreams - Music for Flute
GMCD 7389 Autumnal - Chamber Music by Thomas Hyde
GMCD 7388 Light & Shadows - Lute Music of the Italian Baroque
GMCD 7387 Piano Music by Amy Beach - Vol. 4, The Late Works
GMCD 7386 Tongues of Fire - R?tti, Arensky, Poulenc
GMCD 7385 Carl Rütti - In Memoriam Silja Walter
GMCD 7384 Piano Trio by Beethoven, Smetana, Schaeuble
GMCD 7383 British Music for Oboe and Strings
GMCD 7382 Hommage à R.S.
GMCD 7381 The Moving Finger Writes by Peter Fribbins
GMCD 7380 Full of Grace - Songs to the Virgin Mary
GMCD 7379 Tim Ewers - Squaring the Circle
GMCD 7378 Buson's Ballet - Chamber Music
GMCD 7377 Orchestral Music by Volkmar Andreae (1879-1962) - WORLD PREMIERE RECORDING
GMCD 7375 Vivaldi - The Four Seasons, Music and Sonnets
GMCD 7374 Poetry in Music - Piano Music by Schumann, Kirchner, Huber, Liszt
GMCD 7373 Après un rêve - Lieder
GMCD 7372 Fritz Brun - Symphony No. 6 & 7
GMCD 7371 Hans Huber - Sonatas for Violin & Piano
GMCD 7370 Piano Duets by Liste, Honegger, Schaeuble, Martin
GMCD 7369 Fauvel’s Rondeaux - Chamber Music by John McCabe
GMCD 7368 Organ Duets by Mozart, Mendelssohn, Langlais, Tomkins, Carleton, Johnstone, Leighton
GMCD 7366/67 Czeslaw Marek - Songs & Choral Music
GMCD 7364/65 Czeslaw Marek - Piano Works
GMCD 7362/63 Czeslaw Marek - Chamber Works & Piano Music
GMCD 7360/61 Czeslaw Marek - Orchestral Works
GMCD 7359 Michael William Balfe - Songs and Ballads Rediscovered
GMCD 7358 Violin Music by Debussy, Elgar, Sibelius
GMCD 7357 The Musical Colours of Guitar
GMCD 7356 Barrios Guitar Works played by Michael Erni
GMCD 7355 Music by Volkmar Andreae (1879-1962) - Vol. 3
GMCD 7354 Prospero’s Isle - Chamber Music by James Francis Brown
GMCD 7353 Music by Armstrong Gibbs (1889-1960)
GMCD 7352 Music by Donald Francis Tovey (1875-1940), Vol. 2
GMCD 7351 Piano Music by Amy Beach - Vol. 3, The Mature Years
GMCD 7350 Goldberg Variations with the Goldberg Trio Lucerne
GMCD 7349 Bap Nos - In Memoriam Meinrad Schütter
GMCD 7348 Ancient Sorceries, Music for countertenor and recorder
GMCD 7347 Guitar Works by Rodrigo, Turina, Boccherini, Assad, Gnattali, Regondi, Derungs, Wettstein, Senfl
GMCD 7346 Music by Donald Francis Tovey (1875-1940)
GMCD 7345 Paraphrases Brillantes, Virtuose Operatic Music for Flute and Piano
GMCD 7344 Following on - Music for flute, oboe and piano
GMCD 7343 I Have The Serpent Brought - Music by Peter Fribbins
GMCD 7342 Farewell – Music by Haydn, Martin, Vogel, Haller, Schaeuble
GMCD 7341 Remembrance of Things Past
GMCD 7340 Carillon de Westminster - Organ Works
GMCD 7339 Music by Schumann & Filas, Aulos Quartet
GMCD 7338 Music by Max Bruch
GMCD 7337 Organ Works by Carl Rütti
GMCD 7336 Music by ?mile Jaques-Dalcroze
GMCD 7335 My Beloved, A garland of carols and other works by Anthony Bolton
GMCD 7334 Piano Trios by Beethoven
GMCD 7333 Sufi / Bach - Orient meets occident
GMCD 7332 Jota, guitar music by Fransisco Tárrega (1852-1909)
GMCD 7331 Piano Duos by Honegger & Messiaen
GMCD 7330 Music for Flute by Gasparo Fritz (1716-1783)
GMCD 7329 Piano Music by Amy Beach - Vol. 2, The Turn of the Century
GMCD 7328 String & Flute Quartets by Volkmar Andreae
GMCD 7326/27 Violin Sonatas by Schaeuble, Hindemith, Reger, Furtwängler
GMCD 7325 O be joyful in the Lord
GMCD 7324 Colin Walsh plays music by Cesar Franck
GMCD 7323 Caeli Porta
GMCD 7322 Schoenberg, Kelterborn, Zimmermann
GMCD 7321 Bach on the Italian Lute
GMCD 7320 Fritz Brun - Symphony No. 5 & 10
GMCD 7318 Piano Works by Emmanuel Nunes & Rudolf Kelterborn
GMCD 7317 Piano Music by Amy Beach - Vol. 1, The Early Works
GMCD 7316 Songs Without Words - Music for flute and harp
GMCD 7315 Full of Wills! - Music by Arthur Wills
GMCD 7314 Noël Nouvelet
GMCD 7313 Portrait - Violin & Cello Duo
GMCD 7312 Musik in Zürich 1500-1900
GMCD 7311 Jersualem, du hochgebaute Stadt - G. Schumann
GMCD 7310 Martin Werner plays Schubert, Schumann, Grieg, Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Felder
GMCD 7309 Symphonic Organ - Music by Helmschrott, Hakim, Messiaen
GMCD 7308 God Be In My Head - Sacred & Secular Treble Solos
GMCD 7307 Piano Trios by Volkmar Andreae
GMCD 7306 Fritz Brun - Symphony No. 9 & Aus dem Buch Hiob
GMCD 7305 Organ Symphonies by Widor with Colin Walsh
GMCD 7304 Organ Spectacular from St Paul's Cathedral with Huw Williams
GMCD 7303 20th Century Swiss String Quartets with the casalQUARTETT Zurich
GMCD 7302 Ein deutsches Requiem by Brahms
GMCD 7301 Complete Recorder Sonatas by Handel
GMCD 7300 Rapsodi - Albanian Piano Music, Vol. 2
GMCD 7298/99 Die Schweizer Familie by Joseph Weigl
GMCD 7297 Piano Music by Christoph Delz
GMCD 7296 Paradisi portas - Music from 17th Century Portugal
GMCD 7295 Denn Du bist Fern - Lieder von Johann Carl Eschmann
GMCD 7294 Elfenreigen - Fairy Round Dance
GMCD 7293 Music for and by Fanny Hünerwadel
GMCD 7292 1870 - 1930 Piano Music from Zurich
GMCD 7291 Hail Mary
GMCD 7290 19th Century Organ and Choral Music
GMCD 7288/89 Sisara by Johann Simon Mayr
GMCD 7287 Love and Honour
GMCD 7286 Chamber Music and Songs by Hermann von Glenck
GMCD 7285 20th Century Swiss Organ Music
GMCD 7284 Instrumental Music & Songs by Max Kuhn
GMCD 7283 VEL - Lithuanian Chamber Music 1991-2001
GMCD 7282 Piano Music by Hermann Goetz & Heinrich Schulz-Beuthen
GMCD 7280/81 Six Organ Quintets by Padre Soler
GMCD 7279 Kartuli Musika - Music from Georgia by Nassidse, Loboda & Zinzadse
GMCD 7278 Organ Music by Dupr?, Langlais, Massiaen, Ropartz, Vierne & Litaize with Colin Walsh
GMCD 7277 Piano Music by Heinrich Schulz-Beuthen
GMCD 7276 Come Holy Spirit - Music for the Ascension, Pentecost & Trinity
GMCD 7275 Heartache - An Anthology of English Viola Music
GMCD 7274 Beethoven - Contemporary Arrangement for Chamber Ensemble
GMCD 7273 Fr?hlingsbl?then - Klaviermusik von Johann Carl Eschmann
GMCD 7272 Songs of the Soul
GMCD 7271 Portsmouth Remembers
GMCD 7267 Deep Purple
GMCD 7266 Oratio - 20th Century Sacred Music from Spain and Latin America
GMCD 7265 Songs of Heaven and Earth
GMCD 7264 Works for Organ and Orchestra by Pa?r, Langlais, Schneider, Widor, Bach
GMCD 7262/63 Clavierübung III & Sei gegrüsset by Bach
GMCD 7261 Stravinski - von Einem - Engel
GMCD 7260 Acht Sauschneider müssen sein by Haydn
GMCD 7258/59 French Overture & French Suites by Bach
GMCD 7257 Këngë - Albanian Piano Music
GMCD 7256 Love Divine - Wesleyan Music from the Choir of Lincoln College Oxford
GMCD 7255 The Seasons in Zürich
GMCD 7254 Hesperos, 20th Century Songs - Switzerland
GMCD 7253 Swiss Organ Music of the 20th Century - Kammerorchester Basel, Christopher Hogwood
GMCD 7251/52 La Passione - Stabat mater C minor by Johann Simon Mayr
GMCD 7250 20th Century Concertos for Flute and Clarinet
GMCD 7249 Organ Sonatas by Mendelssohn
GMCD 7248 Sacred Vocal Music from 18th Century Switzerland
GMCD 7247 From Another American - Songs of America
GMCD 7246 Voice of Africa
GMCD 7245 Te Deum - Music by Engel, Kreek, Bach, Nystedt
GMCD 7244 The Low Bass - Great Art Songs from the Bass Repertoire
GMCD 7243 O Crux, Spanish Choral Music
GMCD 7242 Piano Trios by Tchaikovsky & Rachmaninov
GMCD 7241 The Sunpainter's Delight - Piano Music by Walter Baer
GMCD 7240 Masterworks for Organ, Orchestra & Percussion by Langlais, Poulenc, Helmschrott
GMCD 7239 La France au Calvaire by Marcel Dupré and Music by Langlais, Alain, Messiaen
GMCD 7238 Sermon on the Mount - Choir & Organ Works by Carl Rütti
GMCD 7237 Romantic Swiss Song - Music by Schoeck, Andreae and others
GMCD 7236 Lincoln Windows - Music by Philip Wilby
GMCD 7235 Cello Concertos by Dvorák & Herbert
GMCD 7234 Christmas with Handbells
GMCD 7233 The Nightingale & The Sparrow
GMCD 7232 Masterworks for Clavichord by Bach
GMCD 7231 Missa in C minor by Simon Mayr
GMCD 7230 British Fantasies / American Dreams - Music for Flute & Piano
GMCD 7228/29 Olivier Messiaen - The blessed Sacrament with Anne Page, Organ
GMCD 7227 Carmina Burana by Carl Orff
GMCD 7226 O Magnum Mysterium - Christmas Music and Corals
GMCD 7225 Wondrous Machine! Organ Works by Arthur Wills with Jeremy Filsell
GMCD 7224 Jazz Hymns by Michael Raphael
GMCD 7223 Favourite Hymns for all Seasons II
GMCD 7222 Christ Rising - Music for Holy Week & Easter
GMCD 7221 Organ Masterworks by Bach with Franz Hauk
GMCD 7220 Choral Works by Marcel Dupr
GMCD 7219 Cello Sonatas by Rachmaninov & Shostakovich
GMCD 7218 Processional and Reflective Music for Weddings
GMCD 7217 Organ Masterworks by Bach with Franz Hauk
GMCD 7216 Vita Abundans - Chamber Music of Malcom Arnold
GMCD 7215 Masterworks by Organ & Orchestra by Guilmant, Bo?llmann, F?tis
GMCD 7214 Piano Works from Six Decades by Yehoshua Lakner
GMCD 7213 Flight of Song
GMCD 7212 In a Monestry Garden - James Culp, Organ
GMCD 7211 Huapango
GMCD 7210 Organ Works by Liszt with Nicolas Kynaston
GMCD 7209 Reflections - Organ Music by Jennifer Bate played by the composer
GMCD 7208 The Cloths of Heaven - Songs & Chamber Works by Rebecca Clarke
GMCD 7207 Back to Bach - Music for Flute and Harp
GMCD 7206 Piano Concertos by Joseph Haydn & Max Kuhn
GMCD 7205 Symphony No. 5 & Romeo & Juliet by Tchaikovsky
GMCD 7204 Also sprach Zarathustra & Don Quixote by Richard Strauss
GMCD 7203 Marcel Dupr? - Organ Works Vol. 12
GMCD 7202 Beyond the Dark - Works for Flute and Harp
GMCD 7201 Anthems by Samuel Sebastian Wesley
GMCD 7200 My beloved Spake - Music for Strings & Voices
GMCD 7199 Pastorale - French Choral Music
GMCD 7198 Marcel Dupr? - Organ Works Vol. 11
GMCD 7197 Nostalgia por Mexico - Nostalgia for Mexico
GMCD 7196 Music by Robin Orr
GMCD 7195 Triumphal Music for Organ & Orchestra by Jongen, Dupr
GMCD 7194 Music by Paul Müller-Zürich
GMCD 7193 Marcel Dupr? - Organ Works Vol. 10
GMCD 7192 Organ Masterworks by Reger with Franz Hauk
GMCD 7191 Romance for Violin & Organ
GMCD 7190 Nocturnes by Chopin by Michel Block
GMCD 7189 The Eye of the Storm - Ferruccio Busoni’s Zurich friends and disciples
GMCD 7188 Marcel Dupr? - Organ Works Vol. 9
GMCD 7187 Triumphal Music for Organ & Orchestra by Guillmant, Saint-Saëns
GMCD 7186 Mazurkas & Sonata op. 35 by Chopin with Michel Block
GMCD 7185 Triumphal Music for Organ & Orchestra by Gounod, Dubois, Gigout, Guilmant
GMCD 7184 Music by Anton Liste
GMCD 7183 Marcel Dupr? - Organ Works Vol. 8
GMCD 7182 Works for Organ & Orchestra by Widor, Jongen, Parker
GMCD 7181 Sinfonia Concertante & Concertos by Mozart
GMCD 7180 Marcel Dupr? - Organ Works Vol. 7
GMCD 7179 Music by Dvorák, Borodin with the St Petersburg Chamber Players
GMCD 7178 Good Friday by John Caldwell
GMCD 7177 Christ Ascended
GMCD 7176 Guitar Concertos by Angulo, Rodrigo & Villa-Lobos
GMCD 7175 Zurich, Arise!
GMCD 7174 Canzonetta sing Carter
GMCD 7173 Marcel Dupr? - Organ Works Vol. 6
GMCD 7172 Late Symphonies by Mozart
GMCD 7171 In Autumn - String Quartets by Johann Carl Eschmann
GMCD 7170 Silent Night
GMCD 7169 Recorder Concertos by Vivaldi, Sammartini, Telemann
GMCD 7166 Christmas with the Chapter House Choir in York Minster
GMCD 7165 Around the World in 80 minutes
GMCD 7164 Marcel Dupr? - Organ Works Vol. 5
GMCD 7163 Goethe Lieder & Chamber Works by Philipp Christoph Kayser
GMCD 7162 Marcel Dupr? - Organ Works Vol. 4
GMCD 7161 Choral Works by Zoltán Kodály
GMCD 7160 Wedding Hymns
GMCD 7159 Marcel Dupr? - Organ Works Vol. 3
GMCD 7158 Magnificat, The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Music
GMCD 7157 Marcel Dupr? - Organ Works Vol. 2
GMCD 7156 Marcel Dupr? - Organ Works Vol. 1
GMCD 7155 Evening Watch
GMCD 7154 Bassoon & Piano Sonatas by Anton Liste
GMCD 7153 Music by Max Kuhn
GMCD 7152 Christmas Music from St. Paul's
GMCD 7151 Peace In Our Time - Music of Peace and War
GMCD 7150 A Quiet Conscience - Songs from the 17th Century
GMCD 7149 David Liddle plays Hollins, Widor, Wood & Liddle
GMCD 7148 Crufixus - Music for Holy Week
GMCD 7147 How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings
GMCD 7146 Remembrance & Resurrection
GMCD 7145 Choral and Organ Works by Samuel Barber
GMCD 7144 Master Works IV - Virtuoso Organ Works
GMCD 7143 Sing Choirs of Angels
GMCD 7142 Swiss Romanticism I - Music by Otmar Schoeck
GMCD 7141 Farewell to Hirta
GMCD 7140 A Voice from Heaven
GMCD 7139 This Worldes Joie
GMCD 7138 Master Works III - Music by Carl Maria von Weber
GMCD 7137 German Romanticism I - Music by Julius Reubke
GMCD 7136 Master Works II - Music by Dupr?, Gilles, Demessieux
GMCD 7135 French Romanticism I - Music by L?on Bo?llmann
GMCD 7134 Master Works I - Music by Johannes Brahms
GMCD 7133 English Romanticism III - Jeremy Filsell plays Goossens
GMCD 7132 Songs of Farewell
GMCD 7131 Music for Passiontide - Seasonal Choral Music interspersed with lententide Organ music of Marcel Dupré
GMCD 7130 David Liddle plays Liddle
GMCD 7129 20th Century Cathedral Music - Choral & Organ music by Philip Moore
GMCD 7128 John Scott plays Liszt
GMCD 7127 Sonatas for Cello & Piano by Grieg & Rachmaninov
GMCD 7126 Peace I Leave With You - A Sequence of Music for the Holy Eucharist
GMCD 7125 Salut d'Amour
GMCD 7124 English Romanticism II - Music by Elgar & Goossens
GMCD 7123 Lamentationes
GMCD 7122 Organ Music from the Island of Ireland
GMCD 7121 Music of Christopher Tye
GMCD 7120 English Romanticism - Music by Ferguson, Goosens & Ireland
GMCD 7119 Piano Music by Herbert Howells & Bernard Stevens
GMCD 7118 Music for a Great Cathedral
GMCD 7117 The Stanford Canticles from Ely
GMCD 7116 A Canterbury Celebration
GMCD 7115 Tudor Anthems from the Oxford Book of Tudor Anthems
GMCD 7114 Cello & Piano Music by John Mayer, Edmund Rubbra, Benjamin Britten
GMCD 7111 A Time of Peace - A Sequence of Music: From Advent to Candlemas
GMCD 7110 Creator Spirit - A 20th Century Choral Anthology
GMCD 7109 Ave Verum, Favourite Parish Anthems
GMCD 7108 Compline Service with Anthems and Motets
GMCD 7107 The Oxford Book of Wedding Music
GMCD 7106 Favourite Hymns for all Seasons
GMCD 7105 The Glory of St. George's
GMCD 7104 Mass in G by Schubert, Nelson Mass by Haydn
GMCD 7103 In Dulci Jubilo
GMCD 7102 Coronation Anthems & Hymns
GMCD 7101 Canticum Novum
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