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Swiss Radio Orchestra Beromünster - Orchestra

Biography of Swiss Radio Orchestra Beromünster:

The Swiss Radio Orchestra (named the ‘Beromünster Orchestra’) was founded jointly by the three studios of Zurich, Berne and Basle. The old radio transmission tower was located in Beromünster, hence the orchestra’s name, though the orchestra itself was usually stationed in Zurich. Its conductor in the 1930s was Hans Haug. In 1944, it was reduced to 38 musicians, and Hermann Scherchen was appointed its conductor. In the summer of 1950, after a period of many difficulties, the contract with Scherchen was not renewed. Paul Burkhard was his successor until 1957, when the orchestra was increased to 60 members. Burkhard was then succeeded by Erich Schmid, who remained until 1971. The orchestra no longer exists.

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Music by Paul Müller-Zürich

ArtNr. GMCD 7194

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