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The Bournemouth Sinfonietta - Orchestra

Biography of The Bournemouth Sinfonietta:

The Sinfonietta has a distinguished record of musical performances over more than 30 years. Founded in 1968 it quickly established a reputation as a widely travelling ensemble in the counties of the South and West. These musicians reach the places that would otherwise be denied live classical music of professional class because of their size or remoteness. Initially the Sinfonietta’s repertoire concentrated on the baroque and classical music typical of chamber orchestras. Vivaldi, Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, plus Schubert and Mendelssohn, made up much of the programmes. Their music displayed the delicate virtuoso playing of the Orchestra to great advantage, as it still does today. The musicians who make up the Sinfonietta have enjoyed the inspiring leadership of conductors like Norman Del Mar, Kenneth Montgomery, Sir Roger Norrington, Tamas Vasary and currently Alexander Polianichkovas well as Director/violinists Ronald Thomas and Richard Studt. The Sinfonietta remains in excellent artistic health as underlined by the review in The Times recently of a concert in Weymouth "... the Orchestra is evidently in prime condition: fine ensemble, disciplined, impressive, well-integrated solo playing." The Orchestra’s work is growing in variety. A greater commitment to education and community music takes players individually and collectively into schools, hospitals, homes, prisons, even hotels and supermarkets; the division into Sinfonietta Winds, Sinfonietta Strings and the Silvestri Ensemble brings music to village halls and community centres. Sometimes local musicians get a chance to play with the orchestral Summertime, of course, means playing in the open air before audiences of thousands on the lawns of historic houses. With these changes has come a remarkable extension of repertoire. The flexibility of the orchestra has attracted engagements to perform contemporary music, and to introduce novel styles not traditionally associated with a chamber orchestra. Exotic instruments and soloist from jazz, blues and other non-classical music worlds have added to the appeal and originality of the orchestra’s performances. The Tango Tour in 1999 bringing Astor Piazzolla’s Argentinian dance music to the residents of Cornwall is just one example. However, consistent feature of the last 30 years has been the fine playing which has given the orchestra a reputation way beyond the region it serves. Many of the great solo names have played and often recorded with the orchestra. The Sinfonietta has appeared at the BBC proms, with Glyndebourne Touring Opera, for the National Opera Studio, at the major British Music Festivals, abroad in Europe and Brazil and on TV and radio. Some of the most memorable concerts have been given in cathedrals and churches where the uplifting sound of the Orchestra, often with voices in sacred works, is so moving. In its relatively short life the Sinfonietta has already recorded over seventy discs covering a very wide range of music but with especial distinction in the works of British composers. In short, the Sinfonietta endeavours to combine the traditional chamber orchestra role with imaginative exploration of other musical worlds which can enrich the lives of all who come in contact with these wonderful musicians. It is committed to continue along this path. Guild Music dedicates this Compact Disc to the Master Musicians of the Bournemouth Sinfonietta and their Concert Master . On the 16th November 1999 the Sinfonietta was closed and all the musicians made redundant ina restructuring operation ordered by the Arts Council of England. Richard Morrison, Arts Editor of the Times writes...... "After 23 years in this inky trade I thought I was unshockable. But I was stunned by the way an orchestra was killed last week. Killed not with a bang, not a even a whimper, but with a piece of sneaky skulduggery, without public debate or even possibility of appeal. Even the musicians have been gagged, stopped from talking to the press by threats of "disci-plinary action", Good grief, anyone would think they worked for MI6. Is this the new "openness" we were promised by the Arts Council? Is this what Labour's puffed-up cultural policy amounts to: £750 million spent on the pointless Dome, while a vital chamber orchestra serving dozens of West Country towns that now won't hear a note of professional music making - is swatted for want of a few hundred grand......... A generation will grow up without experiencing the thrilling sound of a live professional orchestra." ©1999 Times Newspapers


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