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The Choir of the Collegiate Church of St Mary - Choir

Biography of The Choir of the Collegiate Church of St Mary:

The Choir of the Collegiate Church of St Mary in Warwick has enjoyed an unbroken tradition of choral singing for over 600 years. The modern choir has earned its position as the leading Parish Church Choir in the country by a succession of distinguished choir trainers and organists, including Paul Trepte (Now at Ely Cathedral), Simon Lole (Salisbury Cathedral) and Mark Shepherd. The choir comprises 25 boys and 18 men, all of whom are volunteers. Choral scholarships to Warwick School encourages a flow of choristers to sing in the back row as teenagers, and providing for the next generation of singers. The choir broadcasts and records regularly, and gives concerts and tours in addition to the regular commitment at St Mary's. In recent years the choir has visited Spain, America and Russia, performing in a number of prestigious venues including the re-opening of the Summer Palace in St Petersburg. In 1998 the choir sang on BBC Radio 2, 3 and 4 in the space of two months, and is preparing for a growing demand of radio and recorded work.

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