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Baer Walter (b.1928)

Biography of Baer Walter:

Born 1928 in Zurich, Walter Baer studied at Zurich conservatoire (piano diploma). He studied composition with Paul Muller, and later with Rudolf Kelterborn. Meanwhile his piano studies were under Czeslaw Marek. His studies in musicology were undertaken in various European countries and in the United States. He was a lecturer in music at both Zurich College and Zurich Teacher Training Course. From 1974-93 he was principal for school-music at both the Conservatoire and University of Zurich. Over the years he has created over seventy compositions for various forces, some of them as commissions. His large oeuvre covers all the important genres, including vocal works and chamber music as well as large scale orchestral compositions. About his creative work, Walter Baer has said: "The various compositional techniques and systems only make sense to me if they convey a message the listener can participate in. With suitable titles and references I tried to draw attention to the dimension of poetry and mystery in my music. In this I feel free from stylistic constraints." His music has been played both in Switzerland and abroad. His "Meeting" won the Ten Swiss Cities first prize for composition and was premiered at Lucerne International Festival in 1976. In 1985 and 1987 he was guest composer at the new music festivals of Bowling Green State University, Ohio (USA). In 1992 he won the European Choral Society Award for his "Der Gefrorene Christ". He is a visiting lecturer at music colleges and universities in Germany, Austria, Portugal and Turkey. He now lives in Zurich and Paris as a freelance composer. The pieces for piano registered on this CD were written between 1968 and 2000, which means that they show a great variety of style and form. A list of Walter Baer's most important works can be found in the internet: The complete collection of his work is kept in the Musikabteilung of the Zentralbibliothek Zurich Switzerland.

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