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Battishill Jonathan (1738-1801)

Biography of Battishill Jonathan:

Jonathan Battishill became a chorister of St. Paul's in 1747 and later worked variously as organist and theatre musician in London. In 1767 he became organist of Christ Church, Newgate Street. This city church was a near neighbour of St. Paul's, and Battishill must, during this time, have been at least informally associated with the Cathedral. It is easy to imagine that the anthem, 0 Lord, look down from heaven was intended for St Paul's Cathedral, the spacious, expressive music seems to demand the reverberant acoustics of such a building. It is a small masterpiece, with telling touches of detail and dramatic climaxes and contrasts fusing into an extraordinarily artistic and coherent whole. Battishill was buried in St. Paul's near the grave of Boyce, in accordance with his dying wish.

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