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Busoni Ferruccio (1866-1924)

Biography of Busoni Ferruccio:

Ferruccio Busoni (1866-1924) was in Berlin when war broke out. On 3 January 1915 he travelled to America, where a pre-war contract bound him to a concert tour. But he was unhappy there, and when Italy declared war on its supposed ally Austria in 1915, his depression increased. He felt equally at home in both the Italian- and the German-speaking worlds, and his absence from Europe was attacked by citizens of both his homelands as tantamount to treachery. In autumn 1915, he thus decided to go to neutral Switzerland, ?just for a while?, as he said. He remained there until 1920, when he was offered and accepted a masterclass for composition in Berlin, it was there that he died in 1924. Busoni?s Zurich years are well documented. Here, he wrote the opera Turandot and worked on his masterpiece, Doktor Faustus. But he also exercized an immense influence on his fellow musicians in the city. Busoni?s own works are well represented on CD, the purpose of the present recording is rather to portray the Zurich music scene of his day, using documents from the Zentralbibliothek Z?rich (the Zurich Central Library), which houses the largest collection of music manuscripts in Switzerland. Besides the manuscripts of the works by Busoni and Jarnach recorded here, the Library also possess the estates of Othmar Schoeck, Czeslaw Marek, Marcel Sulzbergger, Emil Frey and Hans Jelmoli.

CD's with Busoni Ferruccio
The Eye of the Storm - Ferruccio Busoni?s Zurich friends and disciples

ArtNr. GMCD 7189

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