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Butterworth Arthur (b.1923)

Biography of Butterworth Arthur:

Arthur Butterworth was born in Manchester in 1923, and studied composition at the Royal Manchester College of Music. In tandem with his career as a composer, he was a professional trumpet player, but relinquished his career as a trumpeter in 1963, in order to have more time for composing, as well as conducting and teaching. His compositions are much influenced by the landscapes and countryside of the north of England, where he has made his home, as well as the music of Sibelius and his European contemporaries.
The composer writes: Most of the music I’ve been associated with has been for large orchestra or that full-blooded northern sound, the brass band. So it was something of a new departure to explore the more delicate and elusive sounds, as one might say, of the shadowy “spirit world of the imagination”. The three poems are by Walter de la Mare, that most evocative of English romantic poets who was able to conjure up fugitive visions of a fairy world of haunting dreams. “Ancient Sorceries” however is not itself a poem by De la Mare, but is the title of a fey, supernatural tale by John Silence. The countertenor voice and the two accompanying instruments characterise a much earlier musical culture, bringing to the contemplative mind ghostly echoes of a long-past childhood imagination.

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Ancient Sorceries, Music for countertenor and recorder

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