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Chopin Fr?d?ric (1810-1849)

CD's with Chopin Fr?d?ric
The Golden Age of Light Music: An Introduction

Light Music

ArtNr. GLCD 5101

The Golden Age of Light Music: Light Music While You Work - Wol. 1

Light Music

ArtNr. GLCD 5128

When Time Goes By


ArtNr. ZZCD 9821

Mazurkas & Sonata op. 35 by Chopin with Michel Block

ArtNr. GMCD 7186

Nocturnes by Chopin by Michel Block

ArtNr. GMCD 7190

Fritz Busch - Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms (1950)

ArtNr. GHCD 2354

Rudolf Ganz as Pianist and Conductor

ArtNr. GHCD 2377

The Golden Age of Light Music: The Lost Transcriptions - Vol. 4

Light Music

ArtNr. GLCD 5208

Sir Malcolm Sargent - On with the Dance!, 1960-1962

ArtNr. GHCD 2421

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