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Drdla Frantisek Alois (1868-1944)

Biography of Drdla Frantisek Alois:

The Bohemian composer Franz Drdla was born in Moravia, and was an outstanding violinist in his own right, as well as becoming a very popular composer of a certain charm and style. He did not compose much music, but his works include two operettas, and two very popular pieces for violin and piano, Vision and Souvenir, and it is the second of these that we hear on this collection. This is a piece of much charm and felicitous whimsy, which has always been one of the violinist's most admired encore pieces, a truly lovely work of genuine inspiration.

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The Golden Age of Light Music: British Cinema & Theatre Orchestras - Vol. 3

Light Music

ArtNr. GLCD 5168

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