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Guarnieri Camargo (1907-1993)

Biography of Guarnieri Camargo:

The outstanding Brazilian composer Camargo Guarnieri (1907-1993), after studies in São Paulo became a student in Paris of Charles Koechlin. He managed to get to the United States in 1942 where he conducted a number of his own works, which were enthusiastically received. He went on to play a very significant role in Brazilian music, composing no fewer than six symphonies, six piano concertos, two violin concertos and two operas as well as many songs and piano works. In the last category come the Three Brazilian Dances which were written in 1941 and which were quickly orchestrated, two of them the Brazilian Dance and Dansa selvagem (Savage Dance) - becoming arguably Guarnieri’s most popular individual orchestral works.

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Leopold Stokowski - NBC Pops, 1942-1944

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