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Kuhn Max (1896-1994)

Biography of Kuhn Max:

Max Kuhn was born in Zurich on 28 April 1896. He went to school there, and from 1916 to 1918 studied organ with Fridolin Roth and piano with Peter Fassbänder. From 1920 to 1921 he studied at the Zurich Conservatory, taking lessons in conducting from Volkmar Andreae (the then conductor of the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra), in couterpoint from Busoni’s friend and pupil Philipp Jarnach, and in free composition from Reinhold Laquai (yet another Busoni pupil). From 1921 to 1926, Kuhn studied in Vienna with Richard Stöhr (counterpoint) and Joseph Hofmann (piano). In 1929, he also took conducting lessons from Felix Weingartner. Kuhn was organist and choir director at the Catholic church in Küsnacht near Zurich. In 1928 he also founded the ‘Choir for modern Music’, which later became known as the ‘Zurich Chamber Choir’ under its subsequent conductor Johannes Fuchs. Kuhn was active in Zurich for many years as conductor, organist and pianist, and as a private teacher for piano and music theory. From 1956 to 1972 he also taught piano and music theory at the Zurich Music Academy. In 1940, Kuhn was initiator and co-founder of the Mozart Society in Zurich. In 1991 he moved to Ascona, where he died on 7 February 1994. In 1973, Kuhn wrote as following about his music: ‘Before 1921, my works were rooted in traditional influences (Bach, Schubert, Wolf). The confrontation with Impressionism and the Second Viennese School and my encounter with Hindemith broadened my means of expression in matters of harmony and formal technique, and enabled me to go my own way (the use of extended tonality, polyphony, and linear couterpoint that takes into account the extended harmonic context).’

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20th Century Swiss Organ Music

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