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Lutz Rudolf (b.1951)

Biography of Lutz Rudolf:

The composer, conductor and pianist Rudolf Lutz, who has made a notable reputation as one of the most innovative and musical conductors presently working in Switzerland, has here created a fine study for violin and piano, a miniature tone-picture of charm and wide appeal which creates its own meditative picture at Christmas time. The piece falls into several continuous sections, and begins with a beautiful theme in 3/4 time, marked Allegretto, before a more lively contrasting section, at first in 2/4, then in 6/8, ushers in a new idea which is a hidden variation on the opening idea. This is shown to be a widening fantasy on a series of famous Christmas carols, known to all, beautifully wrought into a composition of much imaginative skill. "My fantasy 'Christmas at Ashmeadow' for violin and piano is a portrait of English and German Christmas carols. It is not a potpourri, instead I use quotations of melodic fragments from my favourite Christmas carols. In some places I let three carols sound at once. These are musical memories of many a loving Christmas with my parents and grandparents. 'Christmas at Ashmeadow' is dedicated to my mother" - writes Rudolf Lutz.

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