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Massenet Jules (1842-1912)

Biography of Massenet Jules:

Jules Massenet was one of the most brilliant of all French composers at the end of the nineteenth-century, and enjoyed a considerable reputation as an operatic composer. His works are still heard in the world's leading opera houses: his masterpiece is probably Thaïs, an evocative and exotic opera of rich romantic and dramatic impact. The Méditation, which serves as an entr'acte in the opera, has long been heard as a separate piece for violin and orchestra, setting the nocturnal scene.

CD's with Massenet Jules
When Time Goes By


ArtNr. ZZCD 9821

Romance for Violin & Organ

ArtNr. GMCD 7191

Pastorale - French Choral Music

ArtNr. GMCD 7199

Le Nozze di Figaro + Concert - 1943

ArtNr. GHCD 2203/4/5


ArtNr. GHCD 2238/39/40

I PAGLIACCI - Leoncavallo Vinay - Quartararo - Metropolitan Opera - 1948

ArtNr. GHCD 2291/92

Songs Without Words - Music for flute and harp

ArtNr. GMCD 7316

Jota, guitar music by Fransisco Tárrega (1852-1909)

ArtNr. GMCD 7332

The Golden Age of Light Music: Lightly Classical

Light Music

ArtNr. GLCD 5172

Ivr d'amour - Songs by Jules Massenet

ArtNr. GMCD 7393

Rita Gorr sings French Opera

ArtNr. GHCD 2411

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