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Matešic Massimiliano (b.1969)

Biography of Matešic Massimiliano:

The Duo for violin and violoncello by Massimiliano Matešic consists of one single movement, which, at the same time however, is divided into three parts. The beginning (moderato) presents a long theme of the violoncello, which is given the framework of an ostinato-like accompanying figure of the violin, containing all elements of the piece relating to motif and rhythm, so that the two following thematic complexes (più mosso and furioso) can be taken as their variation, without losing their contrasting character. This contrast is mainly achieved through the rhythmic-dramatic intensification, which ranges from the almost ecstatic atmosphere of the beginning to the sharp, abruptly ending rhythmic motifs of the furioso. Following a general pause, a slower part begins (sospeso), which serves to develop the first thematic complex. The ostinato figure of the beginning then unobtrusively moves back into the foreground, therewith introducing the third reprise-like part, the two instruments citing the opening theme in reversed roles. The piece finally leads into the same atmosphere as in the beginning: the violin’s accompanying harmonies gradually become inactive, coming to a close, the cello rests on the lowest string. The notation of the duet tries to create the illusion that there are more than two instruments playing: this is not only achieved by double-stops, but also by using tight canonical techniques, as well as polyrhythmic superimposition, which is meant to confuse the listener’s hearing angle as in an acoustic kaleidoscope. The duet for violin and violoncello was created in 2004 as contract work commissioned by the Stiftung Norbert Schenkel for the Daria and Mattia Zappa Duo.

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