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Mayer John (1930-2004)

Biography of Mayer John:

John Mayer was born in one of the poorest Muslim areas of Calcutta, of an Anglo-lndian father (of German descent), and an Indian Mother converted to Catholicism, born in Madras. Because of his low social standing he was not permitted to join the Calcutta school of Music but was given violin lessons free of charge, from the kindly French violinist, Phillip Sandré during his lunch-break, so as not to be seen by the other fee paying students. Despite these initial difficulties, Mayer persevered with his musical education studying Indian Classical Music with Sanathan Mukerjee in Calcutta, and then Western Music with Melhi Mehta in Bombay and with his help and encouragement he won the Bombay Madrigal Prize which enabled him to come to England. He then travelled to London to study composition with Matyas Seiber and there undertook a five-year research course in comparative Music and Religion in Eastern and Western Cultures. This desire to unite the different world religions and more specifically to create a fusion between Indian and Western musical styles has been a driving force throughout John Mayer's life.

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Cello & Piano Music by John Mayer, Edmund Rubbra, Benjamin Britten

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