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Mendelssohn Felix (1809-1847)

Biography of Mendelssohn Felix:

On his visits to London, Felix Mendelssohn was a guest of Thomas Attwood who was then organist of St. Paul's and it was Attwood, himself a pupil of Mozart, who was among the first to recognise the genius of the young composer. The two men became close friends and Mendelssohn often visited the Cathedral and played the organ voluntaries at the end of the services. Later he dedicated three Preludes and Fugues and some service-music to Attwood. Mendelssohn's anthem Above all praise and all majesty is set for 8 part unaccompanied choir and, together with the chorus How lovely are the messengers comes from Mendelssohn's Oratorio St. Paul. In 1873 a perfomance of this Oratorio was given by choir and orchestra at Evensong on St. Paul's day, 25th January, and this became a yearly event which was only discontinued comparatively recently.

CD's with Mendelssohn Felix
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Organ Duets by Mozart, Mendelssohn, Langlais, Tomkins, Carleton, Johnstone, Leighton

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Daniel Barenboim - Rare first recordings 1955

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Schumann & Mendelssohn: Symphonies No. 4

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The Golden Age of Light Music: A Carol Symphony - Music For The Festive Season

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