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Raff Joseph Joachim (1822-1882)

Biography of Raff Joseph Joachim:

Joseph Joachim Raff - the Swiss-born composer and pianist who, having been born in 1822, was eleven years younger than Franz Liszt, of whose life and work he became a dedicated disciple - was an exceptionally popular composer and teacher in his day, and if his music is but rarely heard today, we can still find much to admire in some of his shorter works as well as in his large-scale Leonore Symphony (the fifth of his eleven symphonies). He was an undoubted master of composition, and even in his shorter pieces - including this delightful Cavatina, which has always remained popular with players and audiences alike there is always some charmingly-imagined flight of fancy, or some genuinely inspired melodic phrase, which endears the music to us.

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The Golden Age of Light Music: Light Music While You Work - Vol. 5

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