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Reubke Julius (1834-1858)

Biography of Reubke Julius:

Truly no one could feel more deeply the loss which Art has suffered in your Julius, than the one who has followed with admiring sympathy his noble, constant and successful strivings in these latter years, and who will ever remain true to the memory of his friendship.' These words occur in a letter of condolence received from Weimar in June 1858 by Adolf Reubke, a noted organ builder, father of Julius Reubke. That they were written, with evident strength of feeling, by Franz Liszt, a man not otherwise universally praised for his artistic or human sincerity, gives some clue as to the esteem in which the younger Reubke was already held at the time of his premature death. Born at Hausneindorf in 1834, Julius had studied at the Conservatory in Berlin. In 1853 his compositional and pianistic talent had so impressed Hans von Bülow (soon to become Liszt's son-in-law, later to lose his wife (Cosima) to Richard Wagner) that Bülow personally commended him to Liszt. Reubke duly arrived at Weimar in 1856 and rapidly became a favourite among the acolytes who maintained a more or less continuous presence at the Altenburg, Liszt's home nearby.

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