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Rubbra Edmund (1901-1986)

Biography of Rubbra Edmund:

Edmund Rubbra is perhaps best known as the composer of eleven symphonies but he excelled in many different areas. His interest in chamber music was an active one since his involvement in a piano trio with Pleeth and Gruenberg during the second World War. The cello sonata was written for and dedicated to William Pleeth and Margaret Good in 1946. It is difficult to categorise Rubbra. The son of musical working-class parents his early influences were Holst and Vaughan Williams. Yet he never really belonged to the so-called Pastoral school of English Music. His interests outside composition were many and varied. In 1948 he converted to Roman Catholicism and latterly became very interested in Buddhism and Taoism. He also lectured in Music theory and history at Oxford University where in 1963 he became a Fellow. His love of polyphonic music of the 16th - 18th centuries is clear to see in the texture of his compositions, but his main musical preoccupation was a very personal one and it involved the reconciliation of his natural gift for lyricism with the creation of organic large-scale forms.

CD's with Rubbra Edmund
Cello & Piano Music by John Mayer, Edmund Rubbra, Benjamin Britten

ArtNr. GMCD 7114

Christmas with the Chapter House Choir in York Minster

ArtNr. GMCD 7166

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