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Schütter Meinrad (1910-2005)

Biography of Schütter Meinrad:

Meinrad Schütter was born in Chur, Grisons, on 21 September 1910, and spent his childhood and youth in his hometown. Already as a pupil he had theory lessons by Antoine-Elisée Cherbuliez, the subsequent lecturer for musicology at the University of Zurich, who had discovered his talent and promoted it. Schütter studied at the Conservatoire in Zurich, later on under Willy Burkhard (1942/43), and Paul Hindemith (1951-54). However, he remained predominantly autodidact. The music of Igor Stravinsky, Othmar Schoeck and Paul Hindemith gave him his musical orientation in his early youth. During a short Rome scholarship in 1939, Schütter began to concern himself with serial techniques under Dallapiccola’s in.uence, and after neoclassical tendencies in early times found his own abstraction in form and sound development. Expressivity and sensuality of sound stand alongside ascetic reduction and dream sequences. Meinrad Schütter mainly lived in Zurich. Following thirty years of activity at the Zurich Opera House, he worked as a freelancer in Küsnacht/Zurich from 1976, where he died in 2006. His extensive oeuvre includes all genres. Apart from his complex work for chamber music, there is a focus on the .eld of vocal and church music, with two masses, 44 choir compositions, instrumentally accompanying vocals and 60 piano songs, among them two song cycles. Alexander Schaichet (1939) and Hermann Scherchen (1946) performed orchestra compositions by Meinrad Schütter, Hans Rosbaud supported his cause. The opera ‘Medea’ (1941/50), the symphony (1939/65/70/99), the piano concerto (1985), as well as his ‘Grosse Messe für gemischten Chor, Soli und Orgel’ (‘Large Mass for mixed choir, solos and organ’) (1939/50-70/78) are outstanding works. © Ute Stoecklin

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