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Senfl Ludwig (c.1486-1542/43)

Biography of Senfl Ludwig:

The four pieces by Ludwig Senfl (1486–c1542/3) that conclude our programme return us of course to the 16th-century, but although the music generally exudes the air of the early Renaissance, it was a time in Europe of great upheaval, in which Senfl is known to have played a part. He was arguably the most famous pupil of Heinrich Isaac, and was for a time music director to the Holy Roman Emperor, Maximilian I. Senfl came from Switzerland, although the place of his birth is uncertain, and travelled widely. His career fluctuated: he is known to have attended the Diet of Worms in 1521 and corresponded with Luther. Senfl’s music, as might be imagined, exhibits many influences but it is always melodic, suggesting that he might have possessed a fine voice (he is known to have been a keen chorister as a boy). In the four pieces here we hear his melodic strengths clearly in the seemingly vocal lines of the flute and the gentle, occasionally constant cantus firmus of the guitar accompaniment, most especially in Unglück (Misfortune) which almost recalls the late Medievalist composers in character. Admir Doçi ends with a delightful folk-song arrangement, Elselein - looking back over the centuries of European musical provenance to the beginnings of our art. The four pieces have been transcribed for guitar and recorder by Admir Doçi. (from the booklet of GMCD 7347)

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