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Stainer John (Sir) (1840-1901)

Biography of Stainer John (Sir):

John Stainer was a chorister at St. Paul's from 1847 to 1855 and he returned to the Cathedral, as organist, in 1872. Several contemporary writings acknowledge the enormous debt that the Cathedral owed to Stainer's knowledge, vitality, tact and skill and it was under his guidance that the standard of music in the services was raised to a new level of excellence. During his 16 years as organist he saw a new choir-school built (in Carter Lane), the increase of the number of choristers from 8 to 30, the Vicars-Choral from 10 to 18, the introduction of choir rehearsals and a new tradition of Holy Week and Advent music performed by the special choir, the Cathedral choir and orchestra. It seems apt that he should be represented by Guild Music by his hymn-tune bearing the title of the church he loved and served so well.

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