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I Have The Serpent Brought - Music by Peter Fribbins

Item No. GMCD 7343

GBP 13.00 / USD

Medium: CD 
Release Date: 26.03.2010

The dramatic, expressive and highly melodic chamber music of the British composer Peter Fribbins, performed here by some of England’s finest chamber ensembles: the Angell Piano Trio, the Allegri Quartet and cello & piano duo Raphael Wallfisch and John York. The disc takes its name from the title of Fribbins's first String Quartet ‘I Have the Serpent Brought’ after lines from John Donne’s remarkable 17th-century poem ‘Twicknam Garden’ on which it's based. In 2007 the UK newspaper The Independent said Fribbins was ' of the outstanding composers of his generation.' This is a CD for all devotees of good string chamber music in the mainstream European tradition.


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