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The Golden Age of Light Music: Lightly Classical

The Golden Age of Light Music: Lightly Classical

Item No. GLCD 5172

Light Music

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Medium: CD 
Release Date: 31.08.2010

This collection has been prepared with three main aims: firstly to prove that the so-called boundaries between light and classical music are not as insurmountable as some people seem to imagine, secondly to illustrate that many composers, who may usually be associated with more serious works, also had their lighter moments, and thirdly to offer several examples of the tasteful way in which arrangers of the 20th century adapted the classics to make them more instantly appealing to their audience. For many years such ?tampering with the classics? was banned by the BBC in Britain, although commercial recordings could be freely purchased. However a lack of broadcasts obviously affected sales, which partly explains why such recordings were more common in the United States than in Britain. Among the leading US musicians who often strayed into classical territory were David Carroll, Andre Kostelanetz, Percy Faith, Clebanoff and even Ray Conniff. They are joined by Charles Williams, Angela Morley and other familiar figures on the UK scene.


Tracklist and soundclips:
Title Composer Artist Time Play
01 Flight Of The Bumble Bee Nikolay Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov, arr. Ralph Sterling, better known as David Carroll PIERRE CHALLET AND HIS ORCHESTRA 1:24
02 Clair De Lune Achille-Claude Debussy, arr. Ralph Sterling, better known as David Carroll PIERRE CHALLET AND HIS ORCHESTRA 4:34
03 The Dargason from ?St. Paul?s Suite? Gustav Holst, arr. Angela Morley ANGELA MORLEY AND HER ORCHESTRA as ?WALLY STOTT? on LP label 3:06
04 Popular Song from ?Fa?ade? Suite No. 2 Sir William Walton PHILHARMONIA ORCHESTRA Conducted by SIR WILLIAM WALTON 2:22
05 The Lamp Is Low based on Maurice Ravel?s Pavanne Mitchell Parish, Peter de Rose, Bert A. Shefter FRANK DE VOL AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:45
06 Gipsy Love - Waltz Franz Leh?r, arr. Sidney Torch SIDNEY TORCH AND HIS ORCHESTRA 5:33
07 Overture To A Costume Comedy Stanley Black LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Conducted by PIERINO GAMBA 3:51
08 Portrait Of Clare from the film ?Portrait Of Clare? transcribed and arranged from Robert Schumann?s ?Devotion? by Felton Rapley CHARLES WILLIAMS AND HIS ORCHESTRA 3:16
09 ?Ballet Egyptien? Finale Alexandre Cl?ment L?on Joseph Luigini RONNIE MUNRO AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:40
10 Barcarolle Pyotr Il?yich Tchaikovsky, arr. Philip Green PHILIP GREEN AND HIS ORCHESTRA 3:00
11 Lake Of The Woods Robert Joseph Farnon LESLIE JONES and his ORCHESTRA OF LONDON 7:52
12 Masquerade? Suite - Waltz Aram Il?yich Khachaturian PHILHARMONIC-SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA OF NEW YORK Conducted by ANDRE KOSTELANETZ 3:35
13 Beyond The Moonlight based on Felix Mendelssohn?s ?On Wings Of Song? Dorchas Cochran, Ralph Sterling, better known as David Carroll DAVID CARROLL AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:34
14 He?s In Love from ?Kismet? based on ?Polovetzian Dances? from ?Prince Igor? Alexander Borodin, arr. Percy Faith PERCY FAITH AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:49
15 Last Spring Edvard Grieg THE MELACHRINO STRINGS Conducted by GEORGE MELACHRINO 4:21
16 Comedians? Galop Dimitri Borisovich Kabalevsky QUEEN?S HALL LIGHT ORCHESTRA Conducted by ROBERT FARNON 2:10
17 Brown Bird Singing Haydn Wood ERIC JUPP AND THE MELODI STRINGS 2:59
18 Theme from ?Swan Lake? Ballet Tchaikovsky, arr. Ray Conniff RAY CONNIFF AND HIS ORCHESTRA AND CHORUS 2:44
19 Meditation from ?Thais? Jules Massenet arranged and adapted by Herman Clebanoff & W. Robinson CLEBANOFF STRINGS 2:58
20 Sabre Dance from ballet ?Gayaneh Aram Il?yich Khachaturian JOHN SCOTT TROTTER AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:41
21 ?The Firebird? Ballet - Dance Of The Princesses Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky, arr. David Rose DAVID ROSE AND HIS ORCHESTRA 4:12
22 ?The Firebird? Ballet - Dance Of Kastchei Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky, arr. David Rose DAVID ROSE AND HIS ORCHESTRA 3:04
23 ?The Firebird? Ballet - Berceuse & Finale Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky, arr. David Rose DAVID ROSE AND HIS ORCHESTRA 4:16
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