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Zappa Daria - Violin (b. 1976)

Biography of Zappa Daria:

Daria Zappa was born into a family of musicians in Locarno, Switzerland, in 1976. Her teachers were S. Holm in Lugano and J.J. Kantorov in Salzburg/Rotterdam. After completing the Matura (general qualification for university entrance), she went to Freiburg in the Breisgau region, where she initially studied with J. Hofmann (diploma for teaching and orchestra 2000). In 2002 she completed her soloist examination with distinction under R. Kussmaul. She received further important stimuli from G. Schulz, F. Gulli, D. Zsigmondy and D. DeLay. Together with her father Marco (a singer-songwriter) and her brother Mattia (cellist) she recorded her first record at the age of eight. In 1991 the siblings Daria and Mattie founded a duet, which today has almost all works for this formation in its repertoire. Daria Zappa was a prize winner at different national and international competitions, such as the Schweizer Jugendmusikwettbewerb (Swiss Youth Music Competition), the Mendelssohn Competition in Berlin and the International Concerto Competition Valsesia (I). She also won the Förderpreis of the Federal President of Germany and was a scholarship holder of the Migros Göhner Foundation Zurich. As a soloist she played with several orchestras in Switzerland, Italy, Germanyand South America. As a chamber musician, Daria Zappa was invited to the renowned international festivals in Europe and North America, among others to the Schwetzinger Festspiele (Germany), the Styriarte Graz (Austria), the Open Chamber Music Festival in Cornwall (UK), the Utah Music Festival (USA), the Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival (California) and the Festival de mùsica da càmera de San Miguel (Mexico). Daria Zappa was second concert-master in the SWR Sinfonie Orchester Freiburg/Baden-Baden, until she took over the position as the alternating primaria in the AMAR Quartet Zurich from 2001 to 2004: the ensemble won her the second prize at the Geneva International String Quartet Competition. Since 2004 Daria Zappa has been a permanent member of the casalQUARTET, and together they give many concerts throughout the world and at top-class festivals. The highlight in the Mozartyear was the cycle of all Mozart string quartets and quintets with the Hagen, Carmina, Mosaiques, Petersen and Leipzig Quartet. Daria Zappa has been teaching at the Zurich Conservatory since 2004. For this recoding she plays the violin “King George” by Antonio Stradivari, provided by the Habisreutinger Foundation (Gersau). (

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