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The Golden Age of Light Music: Confetti

The Golden Age of Light Music: Confetti

Item No. GLCD 5175

Light Music

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Medium: CD 
Release Date: 15.01.2011

The word ?confetti? describes small pieces of paper, of various shapes and colours, often thrown by guests at weddings. In musical terms it can equally apply to an assortment of pieces in different styles, conveying a variety of moods and emotions. In other words, almost a haphazard collection of tunes with no particular theme, except perhaps that they are all a little different. During the compilation of Guild Light Music CDs we sometimes come across enjoyable pieces of music which simply don?t fit in with particular projects, and once more it is time to dust off some precious discs patiently awaiting rediscovery. Actually ?rediscovery? may not be entirely accurate as some have never previously been available commercially and, for most of the others, this is their first appearance on CD, so it is unlikely that the majority of music-lovers will have heard them before.


Tracklist and soundclips:
Title Composer Artist Time Play
01 Confetti Bronislau Kaper MGM STUDIO ORCHESTRA Conducted by JOHNNY GREEN 2:18
02 Champs Elysees Café Joseph Kuhn PARIS THEATRE ORCHESTRA 3:31
03 Manhattan Playboy Robert Farnon LESLIE JONES and his ORCHESTRA OF LONDON 2:30
04 Hora Staccato Grigori Dinicu; Jascha Heifetz, arr. Morton Gould MORTON GOULD AND HIS ORCHESTRA 3:11
05 Musik Klingt Durch Die Nacht Hartel; Woltmann HANS GEORG ARLT AND HIS ORCHESTRA 3:05
06 In My Memoirs Jimmy McHugh; Al Dubin, arr. Robert Farnon ROBERT FARNON AND HIS ORCHESTRA (LP label credits ‘Jack Saunders Orchestra’) 2:21
07 Lina Francis Lopez, arr. Percy Faith PERCY FAITH AND HIS ORCHESTRA with MITCH MILLER, oboe and cor anglais 2:49
08 I Concentrate On You (from 'Broadway Melody of 1940') Cole Porter, arr. Conrad Salinger CONRAD SALINGER ORCHESTRA Conducted by BUDDY BREGMAN 2:42
09 Pizzicato Rhumba Salvatore ‘Tutti’ Camarata MUSIC BY CAMARATA 3:21
10 Nota Per Nota Guido Viezzoli GEORGE MELACHRINO Conducting the Orchestra of the 6th San Remo Festival 2:58
12 Getting To Know You (from 'The King And I') Richard Rodgers; Oscar Hammerstein arr. William Hill Bowen WILLIAM HILL BOWEN AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:45
13 Montevideo Bolero Joseph Kuhn DOLORES VENTURA, Piano and the CARNIVAL ORCHESTRA 2:41
14 Bluebell Polka F. Stanley, arr. Ron Goodwin RON GOODWIN AND HIS CONCERT ORCHESTRA 2:21
15 Joey’s Song Joe Reisman JOE REISMAN AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:11
16 Twice Around The Island Joseph J. Leahy; Abe Olman DAVID CARROLL AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:02
17 Bees-A-Buzzin’ Edrich Siebert, real name Stanley Smith-Masters DOLF VAN DER LINDEN AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:10
18 Mischief Frederic Curzon NEW CENTURY ORCHESTRA Conducted by SIDNEY TORCH 2:20
19 Gadabout Cyril Watters DOLF VAN DER LINDEN AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:18
20 Utopia Road Dolf Van Der Linden DOLF VAN DER LINDEN AND HIS ORCHESTRA (‘Paul Franklin’ on disc label) 2:25
21 Violins In Velvet Leslie Begueley BOSWORTH STRING ORCHESTRA Conducted by LOUIS VOSS 3:00
22 Market Day Wilfred Josephs NEW CONCERT ORCHESTRA Conducted by CEDRIC DUMONT 2:55
23 Treble Chance Peter Dennis, real name Dennis Alfred Berry DOLF VAN DER LINDEN AND HIS ORCHESTRA (‘Paul Franklin’ on disc label) 2:48
24 Parade Of The Champions George French DOLF VAN DER LINDEN AND HIS METROPOLE ORCHESTRA 3:02
25 Florella L.E. DeFrancesco GROSVENOR STUDIO ORCHESTRA 1:48
26 Who Killed Cock Robin? Trad, arr. Paul Fenoulhet STUTTGART RADIO ORCHESTRA Conducted by KURT REHFELD (‘Crawford Light Orchestra’ on disc label) 3:15
27 'Dear Miss Phoebe' - Selection Whisper While You Waltz, Spring Will Sing A Song For You, Living A Dream, March Of The Red Coats, I Can’t Resist The Music, All’s Well Tonight, When Will You Marry Me, I Leave My Heart In An English Garden Harry Parr-Davies TOM JENKINS AND HIS PALM COURT ORCHESTRA 6:50
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