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Türcke Carl (1866-?)

Biography of Türcke Carl:

Our final composer is the one about whom the least is known. Carl Türcke was born in 1866, although the year of his death is unidentified. We know, however, that some of his music was published by the important firm of J. Rieter-Biedermann, which had been founded in Winterthur in 1849, and soon thereafter opened commercial premises in Leipzig. The most important composer of the period whose music they published was Johannes Brahms. One of Türcke’s songs, ‘Frühlingsgrüss’, issued as his Opus 16, attained a measure of popularity in the closing decades of the 19th-century, but his organ work, the Trauer-Fantasie in D minor, clearly emanates from a very different emotional base, a meditation in the form of a slow-moving crescendo and diminuendo on a very beautiful theme. (from the booklet of GMCD 7340)

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