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Altwegg Timon - Piano

Biography of Altwegg Timon:

After studying in his native Switzerland, the concert pianist TIMON ALTWEGG spent two years in London studying further with Alan Rowlands at the Royal College of Music, completing his studies in 1992 with Performing Diploma (ARCM). Today he is in demand as a soloist and chamber musician and has already been invited to perform in the USA, South and Central America, the Middle East and across all of Europe. As a soloist he plays the standard repertoire but also devotes himself to rarely played composers who have been unjustly neglected. Thus he has made a name for himself above all as a performer of Spanish and Latin American composers. His great commitment to the work of English composers led to him being appointed a musical advisor to the Swain Alexander Trust in London. Timon Altwegg’s immense knowledge of the repertoire, especially in contemporary music, prompted the internet platform to engage him as a musical advisor. today is regarded as one of the most important sites worldwide for classical music. Altwegg’s concerts have been broadcast on radio and TV in Hungary, on ORF TV in Austria, and also live in Ecuador during his 2007 tour of South America. In May 2004, Timon Altwegg performed with the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra - their first foreign soloist since 1990. This historic concert was greeted enthusiastically by an audience of 1200 people and took place under the auspices of the Swiss Embassy, the Swiss Foreign Ministry and the Iraqi Culture Ministry, as did the master class that Altwegg subsequently gave at the Baghdad Music Academy. This concert tour was also mentioned in Shrapnels - En marge de Bagdad by Elisabeth Horem, published in 2005. Timon Altwegg’s masterful technique is respected by the many contemporary composers who have entrusted him with the world premières of their works. Thus the Swiss composer and US resident Frank Levy dedicated to him his two piano sonatas and his Second Piano Concerto, while the American composer Hugh Levick dedicated to him his most important work for piano, Decline & Fall. Altwegg has played many works by Hans Huber in his concerts of the past years, for the quality of Huber’s work makes his otherwise complete neglect incomprehensible.

CD's with Altwegg Timon
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ArtNr. GMCD 7371

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Sonata Ebraica - Music for Viola and Piano

ArtNr. GMCD 7419

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