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Tim Ewers - Squaring the Circle

Tim Ewers - Squaring the Circle

Item No. GMCD 7379

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Medium: CD 
Release Date: 15.11.2011

Ewers’ work explores a sophisticated range of colourful and expressive musical gestures. The melodies and harmonies are exotic in their chromaticism and use of non-standard timbres and the textures are intricate and endlessly fascinating. Several of the early pieces, performed by Gemini, were originally written for the group Quorum, a quartet of reeds, violin, ‘cello and keyboard or tuned percussion, all the players being members of the Varèse Ensemble, a chamber orchestra Ewers ran in the 1980s. The brass quintet …blue, indigo, violet was originally written for the Cambrian Brass Quintet, but is performed here, with great zest, by the Wallace Collection. Other pieces have been re-worked or specially written for Gemini to create an album of beautifully crafted and intensely coloured musical images.

Tracklist and soundclips:
Title Composer Artist Time Play
01 Squaring The Circle Tim Ewers (b.1958) Gemini: Ian Mitchell (clarinet, bass clarinet), Gerald Kirby (marimba, vibraphone), Caroline Balding (violin), Jo Cole (cello) 9:35
02 Geometric Designs Tim Ewers (b.1958) Gemini: Ian Mitchell (bass clarinet), Joby Burgess (marimba, vibraphone), Caroline Balding (viola), Robin Michael (cello) 9:10
03 Kite (version 2) Tim Ewers (b.1958) Gemini: Ian Mitchell (soprano saxophone), Andrew Ball (piano), Caroline Balding (violin), Jo Cole (cello) 6:26
04 …blue, indigo, violet Tim Ewers (b.1958) The Wallace Collection: John Wallace (trumpet), John Miller (trumpet), Paul Gardham (horn), Simon Gunton (trombone), Robin Haggart (tuba) 13:31
05 Quadrivium Tim Ewers (b.1958) Gemini: Ian Mitchell (clarinet), Simon Limbrick (marimba), Caroline Balding (violin), Jo Cole (cello) 11:53
06 Wonderlands Tim Ewers (b.1958) Gemini: Catriona Scott (clarinet), Ian Mitchell (bass clarinet), Caroline Balding (viola), Robin Michael (cello) 11:48
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