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Sutter Claudia - Piano, Alto, Sprechgesang

Biography of Sutter Claudia:

Pianist – singer – poet – composer: Claudia Sutter’s career trajectory is one in which artistic expression continually seeks new ways of setting free the inner connections between space, sound and language. Composing is to her working with space, as a sculpture, and she is ready to open herself up to a whole keyboard of dynamic conditions. With her work ‘unfassbar’, she follows Robert Suter’s understanding of music, inspired by his means of expression. This composition is both a reminiscence and a departure into the new: in reflecting on Suter’s oeuvre, Claudia Sutter sets free her own vocabulary of sounds and words. Claudia Sutter was born in the Canton of the Grisons. She studied the piano in Lucerne with Hubert Harry and music theory and composition with Jacques Wildberger in Basle. Within the parameters of her own concert series ‘Le salon bleu’, she draws on a great store of musical and literary remembrances: piano music, recitation and song melt together into subjective constructions. Claudia Sutter has been awarded the Edwin Fischer Memorial Prize. She writes music and texts to commission from her artist colleagues and has been given several national and international awards with her Basilea Trio.

CD's with Sutter Claudia
Hommage à R.S.

ArtNr. GMCD 7382

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