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Frank Willy (b.1935)

Biography of Frank Willy:

Willy Frank was born 1934 in Lucerne and lives in Egg/Zürich. At the age of seven he began to play the piano. During his professional career as an engineer he was active in a number of companies, and in the seventies he founded his own company. What is true for many engineers, also applies to him: Music remained his favourite and beloved hobby. Apart from playing the piano he conducted various amateur orchestras, (often with professionals) in concerts, operas and musicals. He composed a musical, chamber music and pieces for soloists and orchestras. The “Pas de deux” was written for Duo Praxedis; the first performance having taken place in January, 2013.

CD's with Frank Willy
Sound of Zurich - Praxedis & Praxedis

ArtNr. GMCD 7413

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