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The Golden Age of Light Music: Motorway: Production Music Of The 1960s

The Golden Age of Light Music: Motorway: Production Music Of The 1960s

Item No. GLCD 5226

Light Music

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Release Date: 15.02.2015

Production Music (better known in some parts of the world as ?Library Music?) has always featured prominently in this Guild series. GLCD 5115 was devoted exclusively to the Bosworth Library, one of the earliest dating back to the 1930s, and GLCD 5164 and 5183 were collections of tracks from other libraries. GLCD 5220 and 5224 were devoted to library music from the 1940s and 50s and now we have a collection from the 1960s. By this time, although Chappell, Boosey & Hawkes, Paxton and Bosworth were still the major players, many other music publishers had realised that, with the rapid expansion of television and a growing demand for corporate videos, there was a potential market for such music. Charles Brull, Conroy, Francis Day & Hunter, Impress, KPM, Southern and Weinberger were among those who provided radio and TV stations, film producers and anyone else they thought might use their music with free copies in the hope that they would be used and thus generate some royalty payments for the publisher and the composer. Some composers wrote for more than one company and there is at least one instance of a composer submitting the same tune to two publishers under different titles and getting both published - there?s no suggestion that he was one of those featured here! With names such as Robert Farnon, Charles Williams, Trevor Duncan, Ernest Tomlinson et al, this collection is a real ?Who?s Who? of Light Music.

Tracklist and soundclips:
Title Composer Artist Time Play
01 The Big Night Robert Farnon QUEEN?S HALL LIGHT ORCHESTRA Conducted by ROBERT FARNON 2:31
03 Rhapsody Laurie Johnson GROUP-FIFTY ORCHESTRA Conducted by LAURIE JOHNSON 3:00
04 Merrily Along Alan Perry, real name Ernest Tomlinson CONTINENTAL THEATRE ORCHESTRA Conducted by HEINZ BUCHHOLD 2:53
05 China Walter Stott QUEEN?S HALL LIGHT ORCHESTRA Conducted by WALTER STOTT 3:05
06 Soft Moment Robert Mersey TELECAST ORCHESTRA Conducted by WALTER STOTT 3:20
07 Crepe Suzette Cyril Watters NEW CENTURY ORCHESTRA Conducted by ERICH B?RSCHEL 2:59
08 Sports Flash Charles Williams QUEEN?S HALL LIGHT ORCHESTRA Conducted by CHARLES WILLIAMS 2:39
09 Motorway Kenneth Alwyn QUEEN?S HALL LIGHT ORCHESTRA Conducted by KENNETH ALWYN 2:56
10 Mountain Splendour Bruce Campbell GROUP-FORTY ORCHESTRA 3:05
11 Parade Of The Bottles Dolf van der Linden DOLF VAN DER LINDEN AND HIS ORCHESTRA (as ?Paul Franklin? on disc label) 3:03
12 Tales Of Nature Suite - Introduction & Finale Derek Laren, real names Hugo De Groot, Else Van Epen HILVERSUM RADIO ENSEMBLE Conducted by HUGO DE GROOT 3:32
13 Holiday Mood Jack Coles LANSDOWNE LIGHT ORCHESTRA 2:40
14 Calling All Stars Peter Yorke THE CONNAUGHT LIGHT ORCHESTRA 3:16
15 Pacific Highway Mel Young MEL YOUNG AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:15
16 Pussyfoot Van Phillips THE CONNAUGHT LIGHT ORCHESTRA 2:59
17 Winter Olympics Alan Braden GROUP-FORTY ORCHESTRA Conducted by LAURIE JOHNSON 2:48
18 Crystal Clear George Blackmore MALCOLM LOCKYER AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:41
19 House Party Len Stevens THE WESTWAY STUDIO ORCHESTRA 2:28
20 Life Of Luxury Kurt Schick SYMPHONIA ORCHESTRA Conducted by CURT ANDERSEN 2:55
21 Holiday Paul Gerard, real name Dennis Farnon BOSWORTH ORCHESTRA 2:50
22 High Venture Ronald Hanmer SYMPHONIA ORCHESTRA Conducted by CURT ANDERSEN 3:00
23 Bright Tune Paul Fenoulhet CRAWFORD LIGHT ORCHESTRA 3:01
24 Skyride Peter Dennis, real name Dennis Alfred Berry THE WESTWAY STUDIO ORCHESTRA 3:03
25 Citizens Of The World Trevor Duncan, real name Leonard Charles Trebilco NEW CONCERT ORCHESTRA Conducted by MONIA LITER 4:58
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