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The Golden Age of Light Music: Beyond the Blue Horizon

The Golden Age of Light Music:  Beyond the Blue Horizon

Item No. GLCD 5129

Light Music

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Medium: CD 
Release Date: 01.11.2006

Inspiration can strike creative people in many different ways, and colours have certainly made an impression in the minds of many talented composers. Surprisingly most of them seem to have been besotted with the colour blue, which accounts for the majority of numbers chosen for this collection. Rather than go for equality, with each colour of the rainbow assuming its rightful place, the choice has been made purely on musical merit, which means that there are some surprising omissions - green, for instance. Against this there are quite a few pleasant surprises in store plus - as usual on most Guild Light Music CDs - some first appearances on commercial recordings.


Tracklist and soundclips:
Title Composer Artist Time Play
01 Beyond The Blue Horizon Richard A. Whiting, W. Franke Harling, Leo Robin The Melachrino Orchestra conducted by George Melachrino 2:31
02 Blue Star (theme from the TV series "Medic") Victor Young, Edward Heyman VICTOR YOUNG AND HIS ORCHESTRA 3:00
03 Blue Blues Helmut Zacharias, Gunther Franzke, Aldo Von Pinelli HELMUT ZACHARIAS AND HIS MAGIC VIOLINS 2:36
04 Flying Colours Roger Barsotti QUEEN’S HALL LIGHT ORCHESTRA Conducted by ROBERT FARNON 2:33
05 Out Of The Blue Robert Busby QUEEN’S HALL LIGHT ORCHESTRA Conducted by SIDNEY TORCH 3:00
06 Pink Lady Waltz Ivan Caryll, real name Felix Tilkins THE MELACHRINO STRINGS Conducted by GEORGE MELACHRINO 2:30
07 Blue Skies Irving Berlin, arr. Robert Farnon ROBERT FARNON AND HIS ORCHESTRA featuring DAVE GOLDBERG, Guitar 2:39
08 Royal Blue Waltz Lambrecht, real name Mantovani MANTOVANI AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:51
09 The White Scarf Edgar Bainton THE MASQUERADERS 2:09
10 Blue Velvet Joyce Cochrane, arr. Sidney Torch L’ORCHESTRE DE CONCERT Conducted by PAUL O’HENRY 3:14
11 Mood Indigo Duke Ellington, Irving Mills, Barney Bigard ANDRE KOSTELANETZ AND HIS ORCHESTRA 3:58
12 Blue Is The Night Fred Fisher GORDON JENKINS AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:19
13 Black Narcissus Oliver Armstrong, real name Graham Whettam CELEBRITY SYMPHONIC ENSEMBLE 2:23
14 Red Pagoda Philip Green L’ORCHESTRE DEVEREAUX Conducted by GEORGES DEVEREAUX 1:25
15 Blue Mink Peter Yorke DANISH STATE RADIO ORCHESTRA Conducted by ROBERT FARNON 2:28
17 Deep Purple Mitchell Parish, Peter De Rose, arr. Angela Morley WALLY STOTT AND HIS ORCHESTRA 3:29
18 The Black Mask Waltz Carr FRANK CHACKSFIELD AND HIS ORCHESTRA featuring WINIFRED ATWELL, piano 2:06
19 Blue Parakeet Dominico Savino ROMA SYMPHO-POP ORCHESTRA Conducted by DOMINICO SAVINO 2:17
20 Red Shawl Carr, Temple PHILIP GREEN AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:48
21 Golden Fiction Peter Dennis, real name Dennis Alfred Berry DOLF VAN DER LINDEN AND HIS METROPOLE ORCHESTRA 2:12
22 Red River Jig Arthur Benjamin NEW CONCERT ORCHESTRA Conducted by JACK LEON 2:29
23 Red Lips Wilfred Burns, real name Bernard Wilfred Harris LOUIS VOSS AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:57
24 Blues In The Night Johnny Mercer, Harold Arlen ANDRE KOSTELANETZ AND HIS ORCHESTRA 3:53
25 Under A Blanket Of Blue Marty Symes, Al J. Neiberg, Jerry Livingston LEROY HOLMES AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:59
26 Blue Night Sidney Torch SIDNEY TORCH AND HIS ORCHESTRA 3:05
27 Little Brown Jug " Fantasy Ballet" Trad. arr. George Melachrino The Melachrino Orchestra conducted by George Melachrino 4:12
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