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The Golden Age of Light Music: Continental Flavour

The Golden Age of Light Music: Continental Flavour

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Light Music

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Medium: CD 
Release Date: 01.04.2007

Whether located in small back rooms in London or New York, popular songwriters have never found it difficult to write catchy melodies about holiday destinations in Europe. But the traffic has certainly not been just one way, because many romantic and appealing songs of the last century have been created by talented composers fortunate to live in the idyllic surroundings they extolled in their songs. This mixture of both original and inspirational music is performed by a variety of orchestras from Britain, America and Europe, providing a truly cosmopolitan tribute to a continent which never ceases to lure and embrace travellers from all over the world.


Tracklist and soundclips:
Title Composer Artist Time Play
01 The Last Time I Saw Paris Jerome Kern RON GOODWIN AND HIS CONCERT ORCHESTRA 2:37
02 Mon Pays Rossi, arr. Frank Cordell FRANK CORDELL AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:52
03 Continental Holiday Douglas Brownsmith SYMPHONIA ORCHESTRA Conducted by THEO ARDEN 2:38
04 “La Strada” – ‘Road’ theme from the .lm Nino Rota EDDIE BARCLAY AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:25
05 Malagueña Ernesto Lecuona ROBIN HOOD DELL ORCHESTRA Conducted by MORTON GOULD 3:08
06 French Leave Trevor Duncan, real name Leonard Trebilco STUTTGART RADIO ORCHESTRA Conducted by KURT REHFELD 3:13
07 Italian Street Song Victor Herbert PETER YORKE AND HIS CONCERT ORCHESTRA 2:02
08 Red Sombrero Ronald Binge SIDNEY TORCH AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:28
09 Cachucha (from “In Malaga”) Frederic Curzon NEW CONCERT ORCHESTRA Conducted by DOLF VAN DER LINDEN 2:47
10 Carnival Time Dolf van der Linden METROPOLE ORCHESTRA Conducted by DOLF VAN DER LINDEN 2:08
11 Paris Fashions (Haute Couture) Roger Roger ROGER ROGER AND HIS CHAMPS ELYSEES ORCHESTRA 3:13
12 Malaga Robert Farnon ROBERT FARNON AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:25
13 Portuguese Washerwomen (Les Lavandieres de Portugal) Andre Popp, Roger Lucchesi BOB SHARPLES AND HIS MUSIC 2:24
14 C’Est Si Bon Ange Eugene Betti, Jerry Seelen, Andre Hornez – arr. Jo Boyer EDDIE BARCLAY AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:02
15 Masquerade In Madrid Katty GUY LUYPAERTS AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:22
16 Latin Quarter Toots Thielemans EMILE DELTOUR AND HIS ORCHESTRA 3:15
17 Spanish Gypsy Dance Narro Pascual Marquina HARRY FRYER AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:43
19 Gay Boulevard Claude Yvoire HARMONIC ORCHESTRA Conducted by CLAUDE YVOIRE 2:27
20 Folies Espagnoles Robert Busby METROPOLE ORCHESTRA Conducted by DOLF VAN DER LINDEN 3:12
21 Acrobatics Fred Caphat, arr. Götz Höhne ROBERT RENARD AND HIS ORCHESTRA – real name OTTO DOBRINDT 3:03
22 Riviera Rhapsody Arnold Steck, real name Leslie Statham NEW CONCERT ORCHESTRA Conducted by DOLF VAN DER LINDEN featuring Alexander Glushkoff, piano 4:55
24 Siciliana – Serenata Schmaltich FERDY KAUFFMAN AND HIS ORCHESTRA 3:22
25 Music For The Nostalgic Traveller In France arr. George Melachrino THE MELACHRINO ORCHESTRA Conducted by GEORGE MELACHRINO 8:49
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