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The Golden Age of Light Music: Four Decades of Light Music ? Volume I 1920s & 30s

The Golden Age of Light Music: Four Decades of Light Music ? Volume I 1920s & 30s

Item No. GLCD 5134

Light Music

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Medium: CD 
Release Date: 01.06.2007

During the last century Light Music gradually evolved from something rather genteel at the end of Queen Victoria's reign, to the modern sounds that high-fidelity made possible in the 1950s. In the 1920s and 1930s the advent of electrical sound recording, and the popularity of radio, brought melodic and tuneful music into the homes of millions. Jazz also made its influence felt, with composers such as Eric Coates embracing its infectious rhythms. The entertainment industry felt the need to keep people happy, despite the misery created by the stock market crash in 1929 and the great depression that ensued.


Tracklist and soundclips:
Title Composer Artist Time Play
01 Northwards (from ?Four Ways? Suite) Eric Coates REGAL CINEMA ORCHESTRA Conducted by EMANUEL STARKEY 3:59
02 Flapperette Jesse Greer NAT SHILKRET AND HIS ORCHESTRA 3:20
03 Estudiantina ? Waltz ?mile Waldteufel LONDON PALLADIUM ORCHESTRA Conducted by HORACE SHELDON 4:00
04 Pearl O? Mine ? Lyrical Melody Percy Fletcher PLAZA THEATRE ORCHESTRA Conducted by FRANK TOURS 2:47
05 Laughing Marionette Walter Collins DEBROY SOMERS BAND 2:45
06 Martial Moments LONDON COLISEUM ORCHESTRA Conducted by ALFRED DOVE 5:29
07 In A Clock Store Charles Orth NEW LIGHT SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 4:20
08 The Selfish Giant Eric Coates JULIAN FUHS? SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 7:39
09 Lustspiel ? Overture Adabert von Keler-B?la, arr. Adolf Lotter ATHENAEUM LIGHT ORCHESTRA 3:10
10 Frog King?s Parade Heini Kronberger, Mary Marriott WEST END CELEBRITY ORCHESTRA 2:51
11 Lullaby Of The Leaves Bernice Petkere REGINALD KING?S ORCHESTRA 3:07
12 Parade Of The Tin Soldiers Leon Jessel NEW LIGHT SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 2:49
13 Blues (from ?Dance Suite?) Eduard K?nneke BERLIN PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA Conducted by EDUARD K?NNEKE 5:38
14 In A Merry Mood Fritz Haringer BARNABAS VON GECZY AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:52
15 Dancing Clock Montague Ewing ORCHESTRE RAYMONDE 2:53
16 ?Sunny Side Up? ? film selection Bud De Sylva, Lew Brown, Ray Henderson SCALA SALON ORCHESTRA 5:53
17 Raindrops ? Pizzicati for Strings T. de la Riviera BOURNEMOUTH MUNICIPAL ORCHESTRA Conducted by Sir DAN GODFREY 3:16
18 Teddy Bears? Picnic John W. Bratton COMMODORE GRAND ORCHESTRA Conducted by JOSEPH MUSCANT 3:02
19 Monckton Melodies Lionel Monckton BBC THEATRE ORCHESTRA Conducted by STANFORD ROBINSON 8:23
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