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Bird Dancer

Bird Dancer

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Medium: CD 
Release Date: 27.08.1998

Jazz Orient is what happens when Baluji Shrivastav, Linda Shanovitch and Chris Conway make music together. Into the mix goes a vast wealth of melody, rhythms, instruments and vocals from the Indian Sub-Continent. Add to that, jazz and folk vocals plus Indian dance rhythm patterns. Include plenty of harmony and acrobatics on the keyboards, guitar and tin whistle. Contribute compositions from each musician then stir with lashings of imagination, spontaneity and a touch of humour. The result is Bird Dancer - an unusual but accessible musical feast. Jazz Orient have been working together for four years often with specially invited guests such as the legendary Finnish jazz musician Sakari Kukko. Despite their different musical backgrounds they share a common artistic vision, striving for beauty, driven by their passion for improvisation, strong melody and rhythm, this is music that fills the heart and soul. This album was recorded live in three days - a tribute to typical Jazz Orient spontaneity. Included are two guest musicians, bansuri (bamboo flute) player Clive Bell and tabla player John Ball. The live situation suited the music and the musicians, helping to create the meeting place for the music.


Tracklist and soundclips:
Title Composer Artist Time Play
01 Vanita's Dance Conway Chris Jazz Orient 5:06
02 I Am A Note Shanovitch Linda Jazz Orient 4:13
03 Tarana Too Shrivastav Baluji Jazz Orient 0:43
04 Amarylis Conway Chris/Shrivastav Baluji/Shanovitch Linda/Bell Clive Jazz Orient 2:54
05 The Trace Shanovitch Linda/Shrivastav Baluji Jazz Orient 4:28
06 Hoy Conway Chris/Shrivastav Baluji/Shanovitch Linda/Bell Clive Jazz Orient 2:40
07 Kama Deva Shanovitch Linda Jazz Orient 2:46
08 Zigmondi Conway Chris Jazz Orient 0:30
09 Boss Me Around Shanovitch Linda Jazz Orient 2:44
10 Golden Conway Chris/Shrivastav Baluji/Shanovitch Linda/Bell Clive Jazz Orient 6:01
11 Emerald Air Conway Chris/Shrivastav Baluji/Bell Clive Jazz Orient 2:03
12 Bird Dancer Conway Chris Jazz Orient 7:07
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