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Sounds Like Rain

Sounds Like Rain

Item No. ZZCD 9814


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Medium: CD 
Release Date: 20.07.1999

Chris Conway is almost an impossible musician to categorise. A multi-instrumental wizard, his recording with Indo-World fusion band Jazz Orient ?Bird Dancer? ZZCD9808 and work with the likes of Dr L Subramanium, Talvin Singh and others, show him to be an extraordinary World Music musician. Witness his CD, ?Breathtaking? ZZCD 9811, and you?ll find he is also an amazing jazz pianist and composer. In the UK, however, he is mostly known as a singer-songwriter, recording a number CDs, and working with Vikki Clayton, and members of Jethro Tull and Fairport Convention, amongst others.Presented here for the first time is a lost classic - Chris Conway?s first solo songs CD! In many ways ?Sounds Like Rain? is a manifesto. All that was to follow can find it?s roots here - such as the unique mix of US West Coast sound and harmonies, with Celtic folk roots. There are hints too of his World Music and jazz sides, and the musical excellence throughout (on a wide range of instruments) that touches all his work. Also here is that magical feel which makes listening to Chris?s music so special, a feeling heightened by his evocative lyrics and warm soulful voice.As a special treat, three bonus tracks are added here, taken from a limited edition album Chris made for a tour of Germany in ?97.So follow Chris Conway?s spell as he takes you from the Silver Rain to the River Blue and beyond to the Better Times In Sight. ? Dorian Morian


Tracklist and soundclips:
Title Composer Artist Time Play
01 Silver Rain Conway Chris Chris Conway 6:56
02 Endless Night Conway Chris Chris Conway 4:04
03 Inside Out Conway Chris Chris Conway 3:57
04 Earth Child Conway Chris Chris Conway 4:18
05 Tomorrow Lives Again Conway Chris Chris Conway 2:59
06 Stormy Point Conway Chris Chris Conway 4:51
07 Who Pays The Price? Conway Chris Chris Conway 5:14
08 The Long Way Conway Chris Chris Conway 4:42
09 Received Wisdom Conway Chris Chris Conway 4:34
10 Minute Of The Hour Conway Chris Chris Conway 4:29
11 Chasing Rainbows/Rainbow Reel/Rainbow's End Conway Chris Chris Conway 5:32
12 River Blue Conway Chris Chris Conway 2:09
13 BONUS TRACKS - Nova Scotia Conway Chris Chris Conway 2:47
14 This Old Road Conway Chris Chris Conway 4:18
15 Better Times In Sight Conway Chris Chris Conway 5:52
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