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Medium: CD 
Release Date: 31.03.2000

Dozen A Day, the title of the trio’s first album, is also that of a series of books of piano exercises for beginners. The emphasis of these books was on limbering up and getting into training, and this was an appropriate image for a first record. On our second album we are able to present the track „Dozen A Day“, which was conceived whilst meditating on one of these exercises.In trio playing, as in life, it’s necessary to emerge from the nursery and to mature. „Undiminshed“, the follow-up, is the ambiguously-named title-track using much more of the language of contemporary jazz than anything on the first record and includes a last-minute experiment in adding to the already-rich texture.The trio has now been playing together for four years, and from our first tour together, in which we discovered an immediate rapport, we have continued to work on our interplay, our arrangements and our sound, and, undaunted by the fact that we all live in different countries – Ole in Denmark, Paul in the US, myself in the UK - our playing together has become more focused and enjoyable. Tours of England, Scotland and Denmark have provided the catalyst for long, sometimes heated conversations an any subject, which at the very least help us to understand the nature of communication.Four pre-war tunes make it on to the record, not because of a conscious decision to look back, but as part of the necessary process of reflecting on the jazz tradition that we are fortunate enough to inherit. My arrangements of „Caravan“ and „Just one of those things“ provide a platform for Ole’s exceptionally articulate bluesiness on the former and Paul’s Gene Krupa tribute on the latter, while we aim to challenge the thesis behind „It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing“.Paul’s „Waltz for J.“ shows the depth of his understanding of classical music and feeling for piano-writing, while Ole’s choice of Prince’s „Sometimes it snows in April“ enables the trio to bask in the well of sadness provided by this relatively unknown pop classic. Last and first, „Bluesli“. How do you get a title like that?The trio would like to thank Matt, Rob and Marion, Mel; Peter, Eleanor and Tim Haillay, Ian Storror; Theo Travis, Evelyn and Sam; Susan, Dr. John Diamond and Kit; Jazz Services, the Musicians’ Union and the Danish Jazz Association. The support and encouragement provided by these people, together with that of all those who have come to see our concerts, has made this record possible.


Tracklist and soundclips:
Title Composer Artist Time Play
01 Bluesli David Gordon David Gordon Trio 7:37
02 My Romance Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart David Gordon Trio 8:16
03 Dozen A Day David Gordon David Gordon Trio 7:51
04 Undiminished David Gordon David Gordon Trio 5:50
05 Caravan Duke Ellington/Irving Mills/Juan Tizo David Gordon Trio 8:00
06 Sometimes It Snows In April Prince Nelson/Wendy Melvoin/Lisa Coleman David Gordon Trio 6:31
07 Just One Of Those Things Cole Porter David Gordon Trio 6:04
08 Gee Baby Aren't I Good To You Don Redman/Andy Razaf David Gordon Trio 6:25
09 Waltz For J Paul Cavaciuti David Gordon Trio 7:28
10 It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing Duke Ellington/Irving Mills/Juan Tizo David Gordon Trio 7:15
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