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The Golden Age of Light Music: Animal Antics

The Golden Age of Light Music: Animal Antics

Item No. GLCD 5143

Light Music

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Medium: CD 
Release Date: 31.01.2008

Those who observe strict adherence to the formal rules of pedantry will be quick to point out that the title of this collection is misleading ? and they are quite right! Not all the tracks refer to animals; there are birds and insects among the other creatures thrown in for good measure. A more accurate title would be 'non-human antics', but please accept our good intentions in allowing human composers to pay tribute to those creatures on our planet that are genetically different from us. The collection opens with a stunning number by Bernie Wayne who gained international approval for hits such as "Vanessa" and "Veradero". Quite why his "Dance of the Little Pink Horse" isn't better known must remain a mystery, but it is only one of several pleasant surprises contained in this varied selection.


Tracklist and soundclips:
Title Composer Artist Time Play
01 Dance Of The Little Pink Horse Bernie Wayne, real name Bernard Weitzner BERNIE WAYNE AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:02
03 My Dog Has Fleas David Rose VICTOR YOUNG AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:33
04 The Donkey Serenade, introducing Sympathy Rudolf Friml, arr. Sidney Torch SIDNEY TORCH AND HIS ORCHESTRA 3:08
05 Morning Canter Arnold Steck, real name Leslie Statham DANISH STATE RADIO ORCHESTRA Conducted by ROBERT FARNON 2:39
06 Nightingale George Rosner, Fred Wise, Xavier Cugat, arr. Percy Faith PERCY FAITH AND HIS ORCHESTRA 3:04
07 Fauns And Satyrs Oliphant Chuckerbutty LOUIS VOSS AND HIS ORCHESTRA 3:14
08 Mosquitos’ Parade Howard Whitney SIDNEY BOWMAN AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:02
09 Dance Of The Three Blind Mice Donald Thorne NEW CONCERT ORCHESTRA Conducted by JACK LEON 2:43
10 The Glow Worm Paul Lincke NEW CONCERT ORCHESTRA Conducted by JAY WILBUR 4:16
11 Flamingo Ed Anderson, Ted Grouya, arr. Richard Jones THE PITTSBURGH STRINGS Conducted by RICHARD JONES 2:08
12 Lambs In Clover Jack Strachey L’ORCHESTRE DEVEREAUX Conducted by GEORGES DEVEREAUX 2:48
14 Snake Charmer Charles Williams DANISH STATE RADIO ORCHESTRA Conducted by ROBERT FARNON 1:27
15 I Hear A Thrush At Eventide Charles Wakefield Cadman, arr. Cecil Milner NEW CONCERT ORCHESTRA Conducted by JAY WILBUR 4:27
16 Peacock Patrol Peter Barrington, real name Felton Rapley NEW CONCERT ORCHESTRA Conducted by R. de PORTEN 2:38
17 Gilbert The Goose Kermit Leslie & Walter Leslie real surnames Levinsky KERMIT LESLIE AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:19
18 Pelican Parade Dolf van der Linden DOLF VAN DER LINDEN AND HIS ORCHESTRA 3:00
19 Skylark Hoagy Carmichael, arr. Ron Goodwin RON GOODWIN AND HIS CONCERT ORCHESTRA 2:30
20 Butterfly Fantasy Eugene Ettore, arr. Mischa Michaeloff MISCHA MICHAELOFF AND HIS ORCHESTRA, Leader ALFRED SVERDLOFF 4:02
21 Chicken Reel Leroy Anderson BOSTON POPS ORCHESTRA Conducted by ARTHUR FIEDLER 2:55
22 Bird Charmer Robert Farnon DANISH STATE RADIO ORCHESTRA Conducted by ROBERT FARNON 2:48
23 Tiger Tango Clyde Hamilton real name Cyril Stapleton, Robert Earley real name Robert Frederick Standish – better known as Bob Sharples CYRIL STAPLETON AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:43
24 Bullfrog On A Spree Burton, George Liberace GEORGE LIBERACE AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:47
25 March Of The Penguins Norman Richardson THE RAF CENTRAL BAND Conducted by Squadron Leader A.E. SIMS 2:13
26 The Frolicsome Hare H. Ashworth Hope LESLIE JEFFRIES AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:47
27 Frogs’ Wedding Karl Bell REGENT CLASSIC ORCHESTRA 2:44
28 Animal Antics Colin Wark LONDON PALLADIUM ORCHESTRA Conducted by WILLIAM PETHERS 2:08
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