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The Golden Age of Light Music: Great Light Orchestras Salute George Gershwin & Jerome Kern

The Golden Age of Light Music: Great Light Orchestras Salute George Gershwin & Jerome Kern

Item No. GLCD 5148

Light Music

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Medium: CD 
Release Date: 31.08.2008

The 20th Century was a time when popular songwriters were truly blessed by three wonderful inventions which transformed the way in which music became accessible to everyone, virtually on demand. The gramophone, radio and talking pictures created an almost insatiable appetite for words and music, which the entertainment moguls of the day did their best to satisfy. There must have been thousands of tunesmiths churning out melodies in the hope of attracting attention from a public always eager for more, but not all of them were gifted enough to be able to compose music that is still enjoyed many years after their lifetimes. Guild has previously saluted Richard Rodgers (GLCD5123) and Cole Porter (GLCD5127), now it is the turn of two more great songwriters George Gershwin and Jerome Kern. Gershwin's life was tragically cut short by illness - he died in 1937 at the age of only 38, but he achieved more during his short period of creative writing than most of his contemporaries. Kern also died relatively young - he was 60 when he passed away in 1945 - but both these talented men were supreme in the fields of theatre, film and popular music, as this collection vividly testifies.


Tracklist and soundclips:
Title Composer Artist Time Play
01 Look For The Silver Lining (from ?Sally?1920), They Didn?t Believe Me (from ?The Girl From Utah?1914), Long Ago And Far Away (from film ?Cover Girl? 1944) Jerome Kern ANDRE KOSTELANETZ AND HIS ORCHESTRA 4:14
02 Love Walked In (from ?The Goldwyn Follies? 1938) George Gershwin, arr. Robert Farnon ROBERT FARNON AND HIS ORCHESTRA 3:03
03 Why Was I Born (from ?Sweet Adeline? 1929) Jerome Kern DAVID ROSE AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:34
04 A Fine Romance (from film ?Swing Time? 1936) Jerome Kern, arr. Johnny Douglas JOHNNY DOUGLAS AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:36
05 For You, For Me, For Evermore (from film ?The Shocking Miss Pilgrim? 1947) George Gershwin, arr. Percy Faith PERCY FAITH AND HIS ORCHESTRA 4:09
06 Who (from ?Sunny? 1925), I?ve Told Ev?ry Little Star (from ?Music In The Air?1932) Jerome Kern, arr. Angela Morley KINGSWAY PROMENADE ORCHESTRA Conducted by STANLEY BLACK 7:03
07 Embraceable You (from ?Girl Crazy? 1930) George Gershwin FRANK PERKINS AND HIS ORCHESTRA 3:09
08 Fascinating Rhythm (from ?Lady Be Good? 1924) George & Ira Gershwin ANDRE KOSTELANETZ AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:30
09 Can?t Help Singing (title song from 1944 film) Jerome Kern THE MELACHRINO ORCHESTRA Conducted by GEORGE MELACHRINO 2:41
10 Strike Up The Band (title song from 1927 musical) George Gershwin DANISH STATE RADIO ENTERTAINMENT ORCHESTRA Conducted by KAI MORTENSEN 1:49
11 ?Lovely To Look At? Film Selection Jerome Kern, Otto Harbach RAY MARTIN AND HIS CONCERT ORCHESTRA 8:52
12 Liza (from ?Show Girl? 1929) George Gershwin, arr. Richard Jones THE PITTSBURGH STRINGS Conducted by RICHARD JONES 1:30
13 Long Ago And Far Away (from film ?Cover Girl? 1944) Jerome Kern, arr. Gordon Jenkins GORDON JENKINS AND HIS ORCHESTRA 3:18
14 Rhapsody In Blue (1924) George Gershwin PHILIP GREEN AND HIS CONCERT ORCHESTRA with RONNIE SELBEY, piano 6:32
15 Can I Forget You (from ?High, Wide and Handsome? 1937) Jerome Kern GLENN OSSER AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:30
16 The Way You Look Tonight (from film ?Swing Time? 1936) Jerome Kern, arr. Ron Goodwin RON GOODWIN AND HIS CONCERT ORCHESTRA 3:00
17 George Gershwin Suite Gershwin LOUIS LEVY AND HIS CONCERT ORCHESTRA 16:08
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