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The Golden Age of Light Music: String Fever

The Golden Age of Light Music: String Fever

Item No. GLCD 5150

Light Music

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Medium: CD 
Release Date: 15.11.2008

''String Fever'' celebrates Guild Music's 50th compilation in its 'Golden Age of Light Music' series, which was launched early in 2004. Since then over 1,200 recordings have been rescued from possible obscurity and made available once more to collectors around the world. The number of different orchestras featured exceeds 200 and more than 400 composers have had their works offered to a new and appreciative audience. The first Guild CDs received a warm welcome from music critics: writing in The Independent, Rob Cowan summed up his complimentary review with the words: ''This is the real thing with a vengeance!'' As the series has progressed new releases have widened the original scope in terms of repertoire, often in response to suggestions from enthusiastic supporters, and credit must also be given to a number of collectors around the world who so willingly supply their own copies of rare items. It almost seems as though a crusade has developed to ensure that Light Music is preserved for posterity. Thus this 50th Guild 'Golden Age of Light Music' CD ''String Fever'' is far more than simply an enjoyable collection of pleasant music that is easy on the ear: it is a recognition that world-wide there are many people who appreciate a welcome alternative to the sounds usually pouring forth from their radio sets.


Tracklist and soundclips:
Title Composer Artist Time Play
01 String Fever Rene Costy, Rene G.F. Heylbroeck EMILE DELTOUR AND HIS ORCHESTRA 1:56
02 Poinciana Nat Simon, Buddy Bernier LEROY HOLMES AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:32
03 Scrub Brother Scrub Ken Warner, full name Onslow Boyden Waldo Warner THE MELACHRINO STRINGS Conducted by GEORGE MELACHRINO 1:52
04 The Epic Waltz (Theme of ?The Big Prevue Show?) R. Ellis, arr. Angela Morley JEFF MORLEY AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:58
05 Fiddlin? The Blues Sidney Schwartz DAVID CARROLL AND HIS ORCHESTRA 1:51
06 Windy Corner Bruce Campbell DANISH STATE RADIO ORCHESTRA Conducted by ROBERT FARNON 2:24
07 Pedrillo?s Buggy Ride Julius Steffaro, real name Jan Stoeckart HILVERSUM RADIO ORCHESTRA Conducted by HUGH GRANVILLE (real name HUGO DE GROOT) 3:20
08 Tillie?s Tango James R. Mundy, Gladys Bruce ACQUAVIVA AND HIS ORCHESTRA 3:49
09 Stampede Johannes (Johnny) Steggerda DOLF VAN DER LINDEN AND HIS ORCHESTRA (as ?VAN LYNN? on LP label) 3:08
10 All Strings And Fancy Free Sidney Torch, birth surname Torchinsky SIDNEY TORCH AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:55
11 Why Shouldn?t I Cole Porter RICHARD HAYMAN AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:29
12 El Relicario Jose Padilla MORTON GOULD AND HIS ORCHESTRA 3:01
13 Left Bank (C?est A Hambourg) Margueritte Angele Monnot, arr. Laurie Johnson LAURIE JOHNSON AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:36
14 Caminito Gabino Coria Penaloza, Juan de Dios Filiberto WERNER MULLER AND HIS ORCHESTRA (as ?RICARDO SANTOS?) 3:01
15 Busybody Billy Mayerl STUTTGART RADIO ORCHESTRA Conducted by KURT REHFELD 2:12
16 Leap Year Waltz (from ?The Dancing Years?) Ivor Novello MICHAEL FREEDMAN AND THE DEBUTANTES 1:48
17 Up With The Lark Robert Busby QUEEN?S HALL LIGHT ORCHESTRA Conducted by SIDNEY TORCH 2:30
18 Tico Tico Zequinha da Abreu LUIZ ARRUDA PAES AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:31
19 Dream Street Mario Ruiz Armengol MARIO RUIZ ARMENGOL AND HIS ORCHESTRA 3:20
20 By The River Sainte Marie Harry Warren, Edgar Leslie, arr. Gordon Jenkins GORDON JENKINS AND HIS ORCHESTRA 3:10
22 Green Eyes Nilo Menendez, arr. John Gregory, real name Giovanni Gregori CYRIL ORNADEL AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:25
23 Sneezing Violins Meredith Willson MEREDITH WILLSON AND HIS ORCHESTRA featuring ALBERT PRATZ, violin 3:23
24 I Want To Be Happy Vincent Youmans HELMUT ZACHARIAS AND HIS MAGIC VIOLINS 3:29
25 Lotta Pizzicato Frank De Vol FRANK DE VOL AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:17
26 Perfidia Alberto Dominguez DON AMORE AND HIS ORCHESTRA 2:44
27 Cascade Of Stars Osmar Hector Maderna MUSIC BY CAMARATA 3:03
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