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Aulos Quartet - Quartet

Biography of Aulos Quartet:

In uniting the instruments of the oboe family with the cello, the members of the Aulos Quartet are creating a new homogenous and autonomous body of sound in the classical sense. This combination permits the interpretation of masterpieces of all periods.It is nevertheless a novelty in the field of chamber music, and closely linked to the rediscovery of the tenor oboe.
The Aulos Quartet has adopted this fascinating instrument, which had gradually fallen into disuse during the 18th century, and, in close collaboration with instrument makers (Fossati in Paris and Egger in Basel), has adapted it to the present-day demands of chamber music.
Thanks to these improvements to the tenor oboe, the Aulos Quartet is the only quartet in the world uniting the three oboes that is able to perform the most complex chamber music. As the basis of the group, the cello constitutes the ideal partner for the oboes. Not only with its range, but also with its great variety of expression and its flexibility, it ideally complements the ensemble.
The repertoire of the Aulos Quartet includes works of the baroque, classical, romantic and contemporary periods. The unique sound of the ensemble, multi-facetted, homogenous and refined, has already inspired well-known composers. As for the adapted works, they find here a sort of new musical costume, opening up possibilities of novel dialogues and nuances. Founded in 2000, the Aulos Quartet (formerly “Zürcher Oboenquartett”), the only quartet of its kind in the world, has already made a name at an international level, with concerts in the USA, the Netherlands, Austria and the Czech Republic.
Martin Gebhardt - oboe, Rico Zela - alto oboe, Miriam Moser - tenor oboe, Raphael Tanner - violoncello.


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Music by Schumann & Filas, Aulos Quartet

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